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Freerider Windows demo not working

A topic by dschnabel created Apr 29, 2017 Views: 329 Replies: 5
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Before buying the game I wanted to try out the demo but having issues getting it to run.

I downloaded the Windows demo, extracted it and seeing one file called "FPVFreerider_demo.exe" and a directory called "FPVFreerider_demo_Data". When I double click on FPVFreerider_demo.exe, the menu screen opens but nothing is clickable, it's all frozen. Anyone else having the same problem?

I'm running Windows 7 and graphics card driver (NVIDIA) is up-to-date, no log file is created under the FPVFreerider_Data folder.


Haven't heard of that issue before. You could try running the simulator in a window and see if that makes any difference. You run it in a window by adding command line parameters to the exe file, try this:

-screen-fullscreen 0 -screen-width 640 -screen-height 400

Tried the simulator in a window as suggested, but didn't make a difference. This is how it looks like:

I can click on any button/image, but nothing happens. Not sure if the green frame is an indicator that something is wrong.

What third party libs are used by FreeRider? Maybe I got some conflicting libs installed. Thanks.


The green frame might be your antivirus software that is sandboxing the program.

If so, you should be able to mark FPV Freerider as safe, or, turn off the sandboxing, you have to check how to do that on your antivirus software.

You're a genius! It was indeed my antivirus "COMODO Internet Security" that was sandboxing the program. After marking FPV Freerider as safe, I was able to start the game just fine.

Thank you for pointing that out!


Thanks, glad you got it solved!