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Does anyone know what FONT is used?

A topic by Bakera Bhikari created 32 days ago Views: 274 Replies: 4
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I wanted to remove one of the district names, so I thought leaving it blank would remove it from the legend. It did not, but then I was unable to locate the now invisible textbox. Does anyone know the font used so I could just manually photoshop the changes in myself?

Any assistance large or small is appreciated.


It's looks like to Trump Mediaeval Roman font, and this font has two types I thınk it's Adobe version.

Thanks for the tip! ;D

  1. If you use the non-itch version of the generator you can refresh the page to revert a map to its "original" state (that is, the one before any changes are made to it).
  2. The font is "IM Fell Great Primer"

You are the greatest!! Thank you! <33