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Bakera Bhikari

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I've discovered the location, but haven't really done anything there. I'll look into it , thanks Red.

Does anyone know of any walkthroughs? I've lost track of what i'm supposed to be doing for story progression--- i've just been stockpiling resources and fucking bandits werewolves.

It's tagged as gay.

You guys are the best ~♥

Thanks bud!

I have angel leaves, but I can't remember where I found them. Is there a document in game or online that has item location available?

That makes perfect sense!!
I deleted all my old save files, started over and I got the good ending. 

I just downloaded the new version and played through it from my last save point. I maxed out fitness and using the toys. I got the bad ending, but there was never an option to study for specific classes, and I was unable to use my phone because I kept receiving error messages.  

I'm having trouble with locating materials for recipes to progress the story.

I have hundreds of green and red berries, but I am having trouble gathering blue berries. Is there anywhere in the game, or online that I can find information on crafting material locations and/or drop rates?

Alright, thanks. That makes sense. 
I tried a few professors, maybe i'll give him a chance.

I just downloaded the demo, and it ends right after the protagonist buys lunch at the cafeteria. All of the comments below lead me to believe that there is more content in the demo, so I must be doing something wrong, right?

Does the Hornyz dating app stop generating profiles after a few days, or am I doing something wrong?

The blonde from the glory hole, I assume the only blondes are Dave and his father
(he does seem happier at the end of the game)