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Bakera Bhikari

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thank you

also--- changing your preference?? is there a set number to turn from a top to a bottom so I can see these new cutscenes?

Is there any way to reset your character stats? 

haven't played this in so long, but why is the audio so loud? 
there is no option to turn it down in the settings.

It looks like Kol's size also got an upgrade.

Thanks for the tip! ;D

You are the greatest!! Thank you! <33

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I wanted to remove one of the district names, so I thought leaving it blank would remove it from the legend. It did not, but then I was unable to locate the now invisible textbox. Does anyone know the font used so I could just manually photoshop the changes in myself?

Any assistance large or small is appreciated.


Oh... I have an amulet with better stats equipped. I thought I just needed it in my inventory, thanks.

I rescued Korg from Victoria. But I am unable to go back into the cave, how can I craft a new torch?

That's great to hear, i'm a patient man I can hold out until then~~ ;  )

When could we expect an english translation?

Okay thanks, that's good to hear.

I have the mining permit from the bull tribe, will the axe and ore show up as physical items in our player inventory later?

late response--- no, nothing special.
i simply collected all of the chibi's, consumed them and received the idol. 

hopefully you figure it out :(

it's like the dildo. when you go home and "relief yourself" it'll be an available option.

You need a high endurance stat.

Spoiler warning: I'm trying to find the ghost at night in the woods, am I missing something? i've tried all of the areas around the tavern and have found nothing.

wow it's been a month~ 

yeah i did eventually figured it out, but your comment might help someone else out  with the same problem.

I am officially 6/6. Thanks for the help.

My endurance? Is there a way to reset skills, or should I just start a new file?

How many images are currently available on the gallery? I have 5 so far.

An hour later, nothing happened. 

Ronch(2) Am I supposed to wait for something to happen when the white dot is blinking? I feel like I am, but I might be missing something.

Okay, yeah. Just play the waiting game for now ♪

Did you have any interactions in the basement?

I just finished Side A of the game. Would playing again to do Side B unlock missing artwork from the gallery?

I had a feeling it was one of those situations, i'm just to stupid and headstrong to admit defeat. 
Thanks BD.

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Load up the game -> watch unskippable cutscene -> Paralyzed the entire fight. Anyone got any advice?

Figured it out. Turns out I did download the v0.2 but I never deleted the old data.

I downloaded the updated file and even started a new game, but I can't seem to access any of the new locations/npcs etc.

Alright, I think I figured out where I went wrong. You said that it was only available on day 15? I'm on day 200+

I guess I really do have to start over, huh? haha

Well, if I don't figure it out in a day or two--- i'll just start over~    ; )

Huh. I don't have any new missions. I'll try and figure that out, thanks.

Hyao--- how do I trigger the event with Logan? I told him to stay in camp a while back, but there hasn't been anything since.

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Alright, thanks a lot Hyao. I'll double check and make sure i've done everything. 

EDIT: I literally just spammed the field for two minutes and triggered the event, thanks again. =)

Does my reputation change this? Whenever I arrive in the morning, I just have the option to "come closer" which usually just leads to a sexual encounter.

Hey I followed the guide, but how do I actually trigger the fight. I've witnessed the cutscene with Tank/Scar but i'm not sure what to do next.

Haha it's fine. I enjoyed the demo all the same~♪