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Hi everyone! Neofeud 2 is the sequel to Neofeud: a Dystopic Cyberpunk adventure game in the vein of Blade Runner, but with an overlay of Game of Thrones-like political intrigue, and 1366x768, hand-painted, stylized visuals. The game is presently in the concept stage, but here is some teaser art:

You can check out the original game here:

Thanks for stopping by!

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A sneak peak at some Neofeud 2 designs

It was a lot of fun painting the Earth (never done it before), I felt bad that I had to cover it up with space-stationey stuff!

If it isn't already apparent, I was binge-watching The Expanse simultaneously during creation of this artwork. Smiley

holy shit!!

Let me tell you just this: this beauty is exactly what I'd love to see hanging from my walls.

And you say you are feeling bad for the space stationy thingy. Ha!  I'd love to see this in the sequel. Really liked Neofeud keep up the good work man!


Thanks a lot pitepera for the kind feedback. :)
Still working hard on Neofeud 2, doing a lot of writing recently. It's coming as soon as humanly possible!

Big devlog update from the Neofeud Patreon site!

First off, thank you to all my Patrons who've helped bring Neofeud to fruition. The good news is, Neofeud is at least meeting my baseline expectations at this point in terms of commercial and critical success. Currently, I'm still hoping that Neofeud will get Greenlit soon, before Steam takes Greenlight down. If you haven't already, please check out the Neofeud Greenlight page and give it your vote!

Neofeud hasn't yet broken into the "Quit my dayjob and focus on Silver Spook Games 100%" level, but it is at least moving off of shelves, and many folks have been generous and willing to pay more, sometimes *twice* the base price of the game to support us. If you haven't yet, you can still pick up the DRM-free version of Neofeud from the store. As a thank you for picking the game up early (I realize most people want it on Steam), you get the soundtrack and the ebook-version of Neofeud free, and a Steam key, once Neofeud is released on Steam. store:

In addition to swapping my gamedev-hat for the marketing cap / Neofeud evangelist for the past month, I've also had some tumultuous, but ultimately fruitful goings-on in terms of our big move to the Big Island of Hawaii. The wife and kids had been camping for a few weeks, and crashing with some rather fascinating characters, got stranded in a Burger King parking lot and an eternal-Burning Man commune... But we're now inside of an actual *house* house, with four walls and a roof! So in addition to supporting the development of Neofeud, thank you, patrons and purchasers of Neofeud for supporting a temporarily homeless homesteader family in getting started in this new land!

I have also entered the liminal phase of development, that is investigating potential projects. With the incredible amount of work it was, making Neofeud for the most part alone, I'm considering collaborating with others for future Silver Spook Games endeavors. There are a few possibilities on the table right now:

1.) Neofeud 2: I'm currently in the conceptual phase of this. I may bring on an artist and/or potentially a programmer.

2.) Collaborate with a writer to turn their story into an adventure game:I've been chumming the cyberspace waters, posting in forums, Facebook, etc. with the notion of taking a sci-fi / cyberpunk writer's story and making it into a game, which would be synergistic for both of us; I can offload the universe of narrative from my brain-space and the writer will get a visibility boost. One cool writer-group that have expressed some interest -- they are writers and also adventure-gamers -- is a circle called "Chaos Nova". They have some pretty interesting sci-fi writing as well, you can check them out here:

3.) Join a game development team as the writer:I met a guy who was a huge fan of both my earlier game, Terminus Machina ( ) as well as Neofeud. He happened to be presently in development of a full-3D cyberpunk game similar to Deus Ex, which, as I've mentioned, is my favorite game of all time. :) He was interested in bringing me onto the team as a writer, which could be great as story is one of my favorite mediums of creativity.

Oh, also, the Facebook group I met the guy in? Bruce Bethke and John Shirley also apparently hang out there from time to time! Check out the Cyberpunk Writers Facebook Group:

Ultimately, I may do several of these projects simultaneously, depending on how the cards fall, schedules align, etc.. I am certainly excited to be back in the development saddle. I am not a master-marketeer by any means, but an indie must do one's best! :)

At any rate, I will be looking into new rewards for my gracious continued Patrons. If you would like something in particular -- like more behind-the-scenes material or a livestream or something of the sort -- do let me know.

Until then, here's another Neofeud 2 Concept art / Artist's rendition of our new house on the volcanic Big Island of Hawaii. (JK, we're not living on a barren lava flow, lol. Although we did visit one. ;) )

Want to know the $2 sound-proofed booth trick? How to gamdev while taking care of crazy toddlers? How to paint like H.R. Giger? Who is the Six Billion Dollar Baller!?!? Tune in this Saturday at 3 PM Eastern, when the Neofeud cast and yours truly will be doing a post-game hangout livestream!

Livestream link:

Neofeud site:

A post-release hangout with myself and a bunch of the voice actors and contributors who helped make Neofeud! In it we discuss the $2 voice-actor sound-proof booth, pursuing one's passions while having a family, the robot / automation revolution, post-scarcity economics and universal basic income, how we're already living in a dystopic Neofeudal society, Canadian whiskey vs. Hawaiian Guinness, living next to a giant lava-spewing volcano, and more!!!

The complete cast:
Brandon C. Hovey -
Chris R. Smith -
Scott & Deb -
Christian Miller -

Check out the website:

Get Neofeud now!

Help Neofeud get on Steam!

A big update on IndieDB!

Support Neofeud 2 development by picking up the Neofeud Short Story Collection for just $2.99!

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So I have just released the Neofeud Short Story Collection on Amazon! It contains several stories from the world of Neofeud and I hope to help support the production of Neofeud 2 with sales of the book.

In addition, here is a sneak peak at some of the new design material from the upcoming game:

<a href=></a>

Today's art progress on the adventure game successor to Neofeud! Things just got a whole lot more H.R. Giger-esque.   I wasn't really feeling this city scene, until my subconscious vomitted up that somewhat Alien Covenant-like spacecraft / advanced alien building sitting way in the back there.  I call it, "The Anomaly", for now.  :)

You can watch the livestream of me working on this, here:

I think the only background that's ever taken me longer was the Neofeud Sky Palace.

Worth it, though, I think!

Neofeud is just $9.90 for the next week! If you've been considering picking it up, now would be a great time!

Here are some other recent reviews that have just come in on Neofeud:

A Diamond Of Storytelling In The Scrap Pile "When I play a game, I play to be compelled or immersed in some way. The game has to dig its claws in and drag me in. Walking away has to be difficult or that’s exactly what I’ll do. Neofeud grabbed me in just that way through its gripping mastery of storytelling, akin to how last I binged on episodes of Game of Thrones. Neofeud is a point-and-click game set in a sci-fi dystopia borne of the minds of every prominent science fiction writer from the past century, from H.R. Giger to Ridley Scott. The result is a disturbing yet strangly familiar dystopian society in which social inequality is systemic, the top one percent have their own one percent, and the birth of A.I has resulted in a massive population of unemployed sentient robots. Sound interesting? We're only just dipping our toes. Beginning by introducing the main character of the story, an ex-cop and currently social worker named Karl Carbon, the story of Neofeud quickly explodes into a story rife with psuedoscience and more twists than an M. Night Shamlyan movie. As a single conspiracy unfolds, others follow, creating a story layered so deep that by the halfway mark of Neofeud’s potential 15-hour game time I found myself questioning characters motives even more than the main character of the game itself. Past endless conspiracies and a spiraling story, the characters of Neofeud are developed so much more than characters in nearly any other game I’ve recently played. Karl and the cast that he interacts with are human to a tee. Interactions with them are immersive and real, a necessity when a majority of the game is dialogue."

Neofeud is science fiction at it’s most raw and visceral. [...]
Neofeud is the debut game of native Hawaiian, Christian Miller. It’s an ambitious project, drawing on personal experience as a STEM teacher for underprivileged kids in Honolulu as well as a wide array of popular sci-fi films and books. The aesthetic is heavily skewed towards Blade Runner or The Fifth Element, while the story is reminiscent of Fritz Lang’s Metropolis and the film version of I, Robot.
Players take on the role of Karl Carbon, a police officer turned social worker. I was immediately hooked by this detail. I had expected to play a character akin to Decker in Blade Runner; a sort of rogue-cop with good intentions. There are definitely cop-like qualities about Carbon, but he’s a social worker through and through. And this makes for a compelling story, and some truly heartbreaking gameplay.
Drawing from personal experience, Miller has delivered us a story that is so much more than “humans vs. automations.” Carbon has cybernetic enhancements, but they’re obsolete and he can’t afford to replace them. He works with AIs and robotic entities that society has deemed “defective” and “unhireable.” He understands what it’s like to be cast aside and denied resources at every turn.

Neofeud takes place in a dystopian future where faulty sentient robots and failed human hybrids form the bottom layer of society, while neofeudal lords live carefree in luxurious floating cities. The extensive storyline is very political, but also full of action and really entertaining. This game is an impressive piece of work, since it’s quite excellent on many facets. [...] This spectacular and complex story will take at least 12 hours to play through, and the writing is excellent and enjoyable. The characters are fun, the setting is really interesting so you’ll want to learn more about it, and there’s always so much happening which makes you want to continue playing to see where the story will take you next.

In addition, check out this awesome article on Silver Spook Games and Neofeud in Hawaii print publication Ka Wai Ola!

This article is actually included in the Honolulu Star Advertiser, the biggest Hawaii newspaper, which is a pretty cool honor!

You can see the rest of the article here:

Want to see how I make these games? Come hang out! I livestream every Saturday around 4 PM EDT!

Silver Spook Live #25 - Silver Spook Cosplays a character from Neofeud! And re-enacts some scenes from the game in this Halloween special. :)

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Here's another recent review that just came in for Neofeud:

"Neofeud is a dystopian cyberpunk adventure that needs to be experienced. [...]

When we think of a cyberpunk dystopia we imagine a world controlled by robots or an evil AI, and a place where humans are in the down low, trying to survive day by day in the gutter. What happens when someone turns these tropes to their head and this world is filled with discarded androids that live in slums, drug addicted and oppressed by multi billion neofeudal corporations? Neofeud, a cyberpunk point and click adventure created by Christian Miller offers an answer to this question. [...]

An adventure that will offer you many hours of play and it will make you think about our world and where it is heading. Not many indie games do that, and it is really important."

First up, Neofeud is on sale right now!

In this dev stream, Silver Spook works on a cyberpunk character and shows some scenes from one of his previous games, involving half-cat transgenic girls and cyborg bartenders from 2011!

Just made this new Neofeud cover art for, (where Neofeud is on sale, by the way!). Let me know what you guys think! 

Hey guys! So in addition to continuing work on Neofeud and the sequel(s) I am also running this podcast where I interview game creators, writers and other creatives mostly in the area of cyberpunk and sci-fi (although not exclusively) to promote great indie projects, share audiences, and connect with the community. I am always on the lookout for future projects, so feel free to let me know if interested!

Silver Spook Podcast #10 - Spinnortality: a game where you play an evil megacorporation.

In this episode, Silver Spook speaks with Jamie Patton, creator of Spinnortality, a groundbreaking cyberpunk game in mid-Kickstarter. Cyberpunk strategy/management game. In Spinnortality, you, "Run a global megacorporation. Manipulate culture, destroy governments and become immortal."

Spinnortality website:

Spinnortality kickstarter:

Follow Jamie:

Today's stream! I lose my Wacom tablet drawing pen, talk weird Thanksgiving customs, and continue painting my cybergoth bartender chick. :)

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"Neofeud's is a much more complex world than what is shown in Blade Runner, which inspires, and this game also poses itself as a more in-depth and realistic reflection of the dilemma insinuated by the replicants."

"From the point of view of music and dubbing Neofeud has nothing to envy of major titles"

Man I wish I spoke better Spanish so I could read this great Neofeud review in its native language, but thankfully there is Google translate!

The reviewer also compared Neofeud with Neil Blomkamp and District 9, which is a high complement for me, since I consider D-9 as one of if not the greatest sci-fi films of the past few decades.

Hey guys, if you played and liked Neofeud, please consider voting for it "Indie of the Year"on IndieDB! If you haven't played it yet, Neofeud is on sale right now on Itch!

You can also support Silver Spook Games (me) and future games through my Patreon site!

In addition to working on Dysmaton, Neofeud II, and an as-yet unnanounced Deus Ex-1 like game (which you can learn a bit more about by becoming a patron!), I've also been trying my hand at some game journalism through the Silver Spook Podcast, and I've been livestreaming about once a week.  Here is the most recent podcast featuring Jonas Waever of The Nameless Mod:

I'm honored to have The Space Quest Historian, a prominent and very entertaining personality in the adventure game world, doing a let's play series of Neofeud!

It's a great video series so far, very funny and enjoyable generally. :)

Space Quest Historian site:

In addition, Neofeud has made it to the top 100 Indie Game of the Year list! Neofeud can use your vote, and it only takes a moment! (No registration necessary!) 

Happy Cyberpunk Holidays! May your dystopian reality be slightly less grim for the next few weeks. :)

Come hang out on Saturday for the Holiday Livestream! :)

Also, thanks everybody who voted for Neofeud in IndieDB! Neofeud made it to the Top 100 Indie Games Of 2017 (Apparently out of over 10,000). We'll see if we beat Cuphead! (Not likely but one can hope!  

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Also, Neofeud is 40% off if you're looking for a Christmas present for that special misanthropic cyberspace cowboy/girl in your life!

Neofeud, a cyberpunk adventure and one of the Top 100 indie games of 2017 on IndieDB is now available on the Mac!

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It was a real treat to finally get to talk to the head of Wadjet Eye Games that published several of the games that got me interested in point-and-click adventures and inspired to create my own!

In this episode, Christian "Silver Spook" Miller talks to Dave Gilbert, head of Wadjet Eye Games, adventure game publisher of the Blackwell Series, Technobabylon, Primordia, Gemini Rue, Resonance, Shardlight, and their newest upcoming game, "Unavowed". Topics include:

-Unavowed, the next Wadjet Eye game featuring a new dark urban fantasy world, original story, and five party members. -The entire Wadjet Eye Games catalog, and the strengths of each developer. -The evolution of the indie game industry over the 12 years of WEG's existence. -The finer points of voice acting, writing, game design, game art -Running an indie game company while being a husband and parent, balancing / interweaving of personal life and game dev. -Dave being a merciless self-critic of his own games as Christian plays Angel's Advocate. -Top-secret literary references in the Blackwell Series, revealed!

Unavowed is coming in 2018, do consider adding it to your Steam Wishlist!

Dave Gilbert's / WEG Twitter:

Support Silver Spook Podcasts and Games on Patreon:

Check out the rest of the podcasts:

Get Neofeud on!

Check out the website:

Silver Spook Games Facebook:


Today's stream, shortly after receiving, "BALLISTIC MISSILE ALERT: SEEK SHELTER IMMEDIATELY!" on my phone this morning.

Come one come all!  It will be streamed from my Youtube channel here:

In this episode, Christian "Silver Spook" Miller talks to James Spanos, a game designer who worked on indie gems including Primordia, Cat Lady, Downfall, Until I Have You, and and an upcoming Wormwood Studios project. Topics include:

-Primordia, including interesting backstory on why Crispin "spins", the voice of Clarity, and what it's like to have people from around the world creating fan art of the game. -Some news on Wormwood Studios upcoming projects "Fallen Gods" and "Strangeland". -Until I Have You, James' solo-project and a great cyberpunk platformer that pays homage to everything from Strider and other 80's platformers and CP anime like Ghost in the Shell and Akira. -James' contributions to Cat Lady and Downfall, and some insight into how lead designer Rem Michalski's often rough experiencing working as a nurse and frequent coffee/smoke breaks helped take Cat Lady to the next level. -A wide range of cyberpunk and adjacent films, books, games and anime including Neuromancer, Idoru, Johnny Mnemonic, Terry Gilliam's Brazil, District 9, Perfect Blue, Metal Gear Solid, GITS, BR & BR 2049 (& many more) and the ways in which cyberpunk has been and remains relevant to society, the human (or trans-human) condition, and civilization. -Synthwave, and composition (both James and Christian composed the music for their own one-person projects).

Sorry that some of this interview was washed out by a sudden thunderstorm, drowning out our Greco-Hawaiian cyberpunk insights, like tears in rain...

Wormwood Studios:

Until I Have You:

James' Twitter:

Support Silver Spook Podcasts and Games on Patreon:

Check out the rest of the podcasts:

Get Neofeud on!

Get Neofeud on Steam!

Check out the website:

Silver Spook Games Facebook:


Silver Spook Games' next project "Dysmaton":

Here's the latest stream episode, where I delve into my art process, show some of the latest material on Neofeud 2, talk about the podcasts and feature some music by Primordia's James Spanos, Dimi Kaye, and my friend Scott Smigiel!

The Silver Spook Podcast has also been featured on the front page of Exilian, an awesome democratically-run online community! 

Greenscraper autonomous aircar system test! :D (From the sequel to #Neofeud) 

Neofeud 2: Novus Ordo Seclorum city in progress! I spent about 16 hours straight painting this and not quite done! DX But I am at least not beating myself up over having writer/painters block with this scene for about a week. Which sucks when you're the only person on the dev team, as you can't blame the slow progress on anyone else!

If you'd like to support this one-dev cyberpunk adventure game being completed, please consider getting Neofeud 1.  :)  There is also Patreon:

Work-in-progress on a Neofeud 2 character design, "Egalite Enforcer". (She's not a giant robot, just trying to see how she blends color/value wise into the scene :) ) 

Silver Spook Live At The AGS Awards! (Neofeud for GOTY! :)

I will be livestreaming the Adventure Game Studio Awards this Saturday March 24th at 20:00 CET from my Youtube channel with live commentary. :)  Neofeud has been nominated for seven awards including Game of The Year, Best Writing, Best Art, Best Characters. I hear the voting was extremely close, so it's anybody's competition, though. :)

In addition, here's the latest stream where I celebrate St. Patricks St. William Gibson's Day and do some live adding of characters to Neofeud 2 and dialog writing. Special guest Mrs. Silver Spook makes a cameo appearance and also does some live improv voice acting for the characters as well!

So first up: 

And here is the continuation of my tutorial of how to put together this cyberpunk city scene in AGS with animations! 

Just interviewed William Gibson, the godfather of cyberpunk, and some might argue the internet itself! The future is unevenly distributed, but the author of Neuromancer et al. has graciously fenced some atemporal sci-fi-continuum to Silver Spook!

The podcast will be coming to my Youtube Channel here:

Ok here's my full William Gibson interview! 

An illuminating deep-dive into "cyberpunk" and the atemporal torch-passing of subversive sci-fi mindfuckery from British New Wave to CP to Black Mirror and Ned Beauman.

Topics include: -cyberpunk as co-optable movement vs subversive tendency  -misfit matchmaking on the WGB -Ray Bradbury in sleeveless jean jackets  -the evolution of the semiotics and culture of cyberpunk -techno-shintoism and Buddhist robotic dog burials -the inside-scoop on Johnny Mnemonic -and more, from the master himself!

First up, Neofeud is 50% off on and Steam right now! All revenue from sales of Neofeud (I am the writer/artist/programmer/etc.. all the money goes to me) is going to go straight into cleaning our water catchment tubes which are full of leaves, and so the water comes out the color of pee and smells like old dogs when we wash our clothes, lol. :) ;_;

I'm also relying on revenue from Neofeud 1 to complete Neofeud 2. So every purchase of Neofeud 1 goes to crowdfund the second!

If you've already got Neofeud, you can also get the Neofeud short story collection here:

And you can get the Neofeud soundtrack, winner of "Best Music 2017" in the AGS awards, on Itchor over here on Bandcamp:

Next, here are some of the latest work-in-progress screenshots from Neofeud 2:

I will be livestreaming some work on Neofeud 2 at 12 PM Pacific time this Sunday! Come stop by and say hi, especially if you are an indie dev, as I like to give shout outs to fellow creators. :)

Next, here's my reaction to Cyberpunk 2077, including my analysis of the term "cyberpunk", and what makes a work cyberpunk on three different levels - surface, substance, and true cyberpunk.

Also, myself and Neofeud were recently featured in a Polygon article! Polygon is one of the largest game and media sites, so this is pretty cool! :)

"Christian Miller released Neofeud, which melds politics and social ideas in a cyberpunk world. He says the way big companies address divisive issues is 'a little a silly. They want to say, "we’re just making fun entertainment." It’s disingenuous'"

In light of recent events in the US, in particular the horrific events happening at the border, I do think it's worth noting that these sorts of human rights violations have been going on for some time. The soul of Neofeud was about me expressing my experiences as a POC growing up in an American ghetto, then working as a STEM teacher and social worker for underserved youth in the inner-city, trying to keep kids off drugs and out of gangs - many of them homeless, parentless, and immigrants.

This review goes into some of the more intense subjects dealt with in Neofeud, in particular, the abuse and separation of children from parents in non-white, poor, immigrant communities, and the complex situations that end in every day people doing horrible things to others. How people rationalize it, and how society, in particular the state and corporate powers that benefit from the abuse, cover up the ugly dystopian reality.  In addition, here's an interview I did with Eric Meyer of Indiegraze, going more in depth into my personal story and the making of Neofeud.