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A Bit of a Little Dinghy

A topic by Moon Moon Games created Apr 25, 2017 Views: 203
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Over the last 72 hours, I've spent over 40 of them working on my game. It would have been over 50 if plans and transport didn't slow me down as well as the human urge to sleep.

Ludum Dare 38's theme, as you probably know, was a Small World. In a fit of ingenuity, I decided to make it a JRPG. You can probably tell why it took over 40 hours to make now.

The game revolves around a team of ragtag misfits by the name of Steve, Steve, Steph (Not Steve), and their boat, named Steve. Their town has run out of money, so the group decided to go to the kingdom, and ask the King for any work, but only his daughter, the unnamed Princess, is there. From there, she proceeds to give you jobs, and you explore this small world fulfilling her quests.

It's also entirely free!