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World Destroyer - LD38 Submission

A topic by tallshrimp created Apr 24, 2017 Views: 116
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Please check out my game from LD38. Usually I make puzzle and strategy games. Since this game is out of my normal area, I'd like as much feedback as I can get.

World Destroyer


In World Destroyer, you play as Winston, a crazy guy who wants to destroy everything on the tiny planets in the Tiny Galaxy.

The game is a platformer/2d shooter based on 2d circular planets with their own gravity.

My Thoughts:

I had hoped to have a really polished simple game this time around. As I got working on it, however, I became worried that if I made the game too simple, then it would only be fun for a couple minutes. I wanted something that could be fun for more time. Unfortunately, this made polishing the game very difficult. Not to mention that this is my first time doing an action game, and I underestimated the difficulty of balancing the physics. As such, there are some problems with collisions, and the jump upgrade may make the player jump too high. I would have also liked to add in animations for the inanimate objects in the game.

Future Plans:

  • Animations for the inanimate objects
  • Polishing the physics
  • Adding tons of levels