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10 Flights of Ballooning is now available!

A topic by Eric Guadara created Apr 24, 2017 Views: 209
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Ten Flights of Ballooning on

Ten Flights of Ballooning is a compilation of games based on Pippin Barr's IndieCade East 2016 talk, "36 Reasons to Make the Same Game 26 Times." The challenge began right away by faithfully recreating a classic game (I chose the Balloon Trip mode in Balloon Fight). There's so much nuanced design in so many classic games that it's difficult to truly appreciate until you try to make it yourself. After making what I feel is an accurate recreation, I then twisted and turned a handful of design knobs in order to make 8 variations on the core game.

The result is a full-featured collection of games I'm sure you'll enjoy discovering.

It's pay what you want at the moment. If you want to help me pay off student loans, anything more than $0.00 would be super useful. I also understand paying $0.00!

The game works with a keyboard, a DualShock 4 controller, or an Xbox 360/One controller. Included is a drive for Mac to recognize Xbox controllers.

Some media for you to enjoy:

Thanks! I hope you have a good time!