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As an art piece (at least I assume it's an art piece, it's certainly framed on the website as one),  I can understand why gameplay is at a minimum for most of the game. The problem with that is that the average consumer isn't going to spend very long playing a game if the gameplay doesn't start quickly. I am one such consumer. I downloaded this game expecting a walking simulator in an abstract environment, but after watching the intro for around about 10 minutes, I got bored and turned the game off. Moshe Linke has a lot of potential as a creator, but this one falls flat just because it seems more like a video that I have to download the Unity .dll to watch. I liked the few environments that I saw with the limited time I spent in the game, but it wasn't enough to keep me in the game. At the beginning, I wasn't even sure if the game had started, it looked like the screen wasn't moving and I thought I had installed it wrong. I don't know if there's any interactivity in the game but I never got far enough to find out. Looked good, but ultimately wasn't good enough to grab my attention.