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Cool game, cool environments, cool idea with the twitter bot, and the B-Side project is also a really cool idea what with the pricing based on global temperature. Very environmental and interesting. The walking speed feels slow but I also got a huge empty space to use so it was probably just my luck making me feel so slow. My computer isn't quite beefy enough to run this game at its full glory, but I can see by the screenshots that the environments have the potential to look really cool. Nice game, but definitely more to ponder and less to play.

Fugue in Void community · Created a new topic Review

As an art piece (at least I assume it's an art piece, it's certainly framed on the website as one),  I can understand why gameplay is at a minimum for most of the game. The problem with that is that the average consumer isn't going to spend very long playing a game if the gameplay doesn't start quickly. I am one such consumer. I downloaded this game expecting a walking simulator in an abstract environment, but after watching the intro for around about 10 minutes, I got bored and turned the game off. Moshe Linke has a lot of potential as a creator, but this one falls flat just because it seems more like a video that I have to download the Unity .dll to watch. I liked the few environments that I saw with the limited time I spent in the game, but it wasn't enough to keep me in the game. At the beginning, I wasn't even sure if the game had started, it looked like the screen wasn't moving and I thought I had installed it wrong. I don't know if there's any interactivity in the game but I never got far enough to find out. Looked good, but ultimately wasn't good enough to grab my attention. 

it's kinda hard to read this

I agree with SChara, more stomach sizes would be nice