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Love it :D Cyrus is bang on the nose :P

Ahh, I thought that might be true. I though they might be under another feature rather than off the map.

A wonderful generator, as always, but sometimes (quite often, actually) things are listed on the key that aren't there on the map. In fact, the last 3 maps I generated each had a missing location — not the same one each time.

They certainly do! I am now much more Goose'd than I was before. This is a good thing.

I enjoyed this, though it had fewer Geese than I was expecting. I love the starkness given to the pictures by the halftone screens. It reminds me of things I used to do (many, many) decades ago in Hypercard, when the only art it could support was 1-bit dithers. The dithering gave the same sort of quality to the images.

Simply the most elegant dungeon generator I've seen. I could sit here forever generating layouts! Excellent work.

I think it's equally unclear in Into the Odd, for what it's worth :)

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Played our first session last night, and got 1/3 murdered in the process. Poor Patrick the Squamous Sailor, the catfish alligator did not want to chat. My Chiroptrean Kid — Kid Bat — barely made it out of the Ozark woods alive, but we need to go back and find out what's going on at the Murder Hut ... wish us luck for next week.

One question. When you take STR damage and must then save to avoid critical damage, do you use the new reduced STR to make the save?

It took me a little longer than expected to finish my game, due partly to a cancelled session, and partly to the exiles believing a wandering soul that the Gate of Exiles (which they found at the start of the second session) was not actually the gate, but all three managed to escape in the end.

I was wondering if anyone would be interested in the method I used to create the Dark, which used a semi-randomised deck of encounters and denizens to create the Dark as we went along. That meant that I, as GM, didn't know where the Gate was any more than the players did, something which I felt really suited the game.

I can go into more detail if anyone is interested, or even try and write up the method as a PDF.

The first session went well. Andre the Gambler (who learned what should not be known) has a broken arm and discloated shoulder from falling out of an iron tree while a flock of wire and bone birds attacked him, Pat the Gondolier (who crossed the river the wrong way) had his shadow devoured by shadow hounds and is now tissue thin, and Donna the Grave Robber (who stole the Queen's head) has been left behind on the platform as the last train rolls away into the darkness.

Next week they hope to find the One-Eyed Captain's Levaiathan and recover the Captain's eye in return for a clue to the Exile's Gate.

I'll post something about the deck-based generation system I'm using when it's all done.

Thank you very much for the feedback!

So, let's assume your party of 4 Exiles come to the bottomless pit and decide to jump over. You say that's a 6+ They choose to try and make a ladder — you wouldn't roll for that, you'd just maybe adjust the difficulty to 5+

Then, do you make a single roll for all 4 Exiles, or do you have each Exile roll for themselves?

Will be running this on Monday, and I have two questions (which i should have asked much sooner).

How many tests do you make per challenge? They examples in Shades & Echoes make it sound like one test by one player per encounter, but I'm also suspecting that it's more like a trad RPG, with as many tests as seem necessary to overcome an encounter.

You don't track health, but what happens if the natural consequence of a failed roll is death? Like, you try to leap a bottomless chasm and fail, are you dead? Hanging from the edge (in which case, you can't die?), or something else? I was thinking of having the consequence of a "certain death" roll be a lost match + you didn't achieve anything — so in the chasm case you are still on the side you started on.

Thank you very much for your comprehensive replies! I think you've cleared up a lot of the confusion I had over ship combat and the way the weapons systems work.

For dodges it sounds like we might need to hosue rule it a little until you have your revisions done.

I'm playing a Comm Officer, so I'll let you know how the bonus feels after our next session.

Thanks. We are playing again tonight, so I guess for now we'll just have to stick with the answers we made up ourselves last time.

I have rules questions (and not ones caused by us not knowing that v1.5 existed and switching rules half way through)!


When you get a complete success on repair, do you get +1 power and +1 dice, or just the power.

In the "Make it Go!" section you describe the shooting procedure as: "Roll 1 attack per power to the weapons bay against the power of the defending ship’s engine", however the 1.5 rolls aren't opposed, and the Engine Room just applies a -1 dice per power. Which procedure is right?

Is there a planning phase every round of space conflict?


In the "Make it So" section, you say: "but they may add 1 die to a roll as long as they continue to do so". If the Captain gives a new order does the +1 go away, or does the player keep it on each roll as long as they are following the order?

How does the Communications Officer ability work? Does it mean that a 4+ on a Plan or Help roll give +2 dice instead of +1 dice, or does it mean you roll 2 extra dice when making Plan and Help rolls?


In combat, do enemies (NPCs) also roll to attack? The Blades-style resolution mechanism made us think that it was "one roll resolves both sides action", but the Dodge and NPC stats make it seem like you take turns.

In combat, does a Dodge get declared as your action? Do you choose to Dodge before knowing if you are being attacked? If you are attacked twice in a round, can you Dodge both, or just one?

In ship to ship combat, it says that the ship's weapons: "has a pool of dice equal to the amount of power. It then says: "Roll 1 attack per power to the weapons bay against the power of the defending ship’s engines." Does this mean that attacking doesn't use a kobold's own ratings, but uses just that attack pool (which is decreased by the target's engines)? Do you roll 1 attack per power, each of one dice, or 1 attack per power each equal to the power? What does it mean to roll "against the power of the defending ship's engines"? Since 1.5 rolls aren't opposed — so this reads like a holdover from the previous rules? The more I re-read these rules, the less I understand them :)


Can someone other than the Captain allocate power? The Command Deck ability says "The Captain allocates power". If the Captain is off-the bridge, or dead, can someone else do it? If so, and no power is allocated to the Engines, can the ship move?

Does a scan with the Sensor Array reveal both the structure of an enemy ship and the crew position, or just one or the other? Does it reveal the nature of every room, or just some? Does that vary on a partial or complete success?

I've played to day 110 so far. Story messages stopped long ago, after the first pair of highlighted lines. Was that the end?

I had a similar experience at the start of the game. I didn't know if the game was starting, or if I was meant to do something, and sat pressing buttons and clicking the mouse to see if I was supposed to be interacting.

Then, once the opening begins, you have the same experience of just watching a movie ... but if you persevere you are rewarded with the "walking simulator" you describe, and some beautiful environments. I think you just need to get there a little faster :)

This was a very enjoyable experience, though I hesitated between thinking that it was a game or a piece of installation art. The environments are gorgeous, especially that concrete texture (I was drawing a concrete texture yesterday of far lower quality, so I really appreciate how nice this was), and the sense of relief when you finally see the first hints of colour is immense. I was practically running to get out into the open after the tantalising hints of sky :)

My only complaint is that there are too many places where you suddenly lose control, and the motion controls suddenly become "blunder forward until the screen fades out". Not only did these sections give me a loss of agency, they also dragged me out of my immersion in the game, making me wonder if I was meant to be exploring, or just waiting for the game to show me something different. I think it would be better if these scenes gave up any illusion of control and just changed on their own (e.g. the "curtain" or the "anechoic chamber") — even better still, they should have actual control, and let you go from one to another without feeling that you were missing something.

Would still recommend the game despite that, but I think it would be even better if that element were changed :)

The current "Fugue In Void (Mac Fix)" does run on Catalina, at least on 10.15.3. If you can't open the game on Catalina, first check that you have extracted it correctly (the default Mac unzip often messes up permissions, try Keka instead), and that you open it by right-clicking and choosing "open" — double clicking won't work because the app isn't signed.

I was sure that I hadn't seen one of the rooms on the pictures on the bed, I was tempted to get back in the chair!

As a note, resurrecting 5 times is really hard. I had to down-gear enough to die and need to be resurrected, but not so much that I couldn't complete the level. I think I ran the same level for an hour trying to complete the quest.

That didn't happen. The quest completed, but there was no message on the completion screen. :)

Just wanted to say I'm really enjoying the game. Playing on Mac and having a blast, though something is very odd with mouse movement on the main screen (the mouse moves jerkily, but moves fine on actual levels).

The art is fun, the dialogue is really amusing, and the difficulty is not too painful. Fun without being frustrating.

The only thing's I think could improve it would be:

(1) When an item/character is locked, some indication of what you need to do to unlock it would be very nice.

(2) The level HUD needs some way to tell you the fireball/freeze/death blow chance, so that you can have some chance of guessing what will happen on an attack.

(3) The dice tracker overlaps the health/armour bar, so that you can't see how much health you have when you have around 10-12 total hearts. You could put the dice higher up, or behind the hearts maybe?

I had exactly the same today. I assumed that it was trying to unlock a specific character, and it was one I already had, but after grinding deaths for an hour, it would have been nice to not get a quest that wouldn't give me something.

In the Character creation part of the rules you say that Morale and Favour max at 5, and the character sheet at the end has 5 boxes for each. However you then say that both starts start at 10/10, and in the Group Goals the Usurper goal makes people lose Favour if it is greater than 5.

Which is the correct maximum? 5 or 10?

Also you say "King’s Favor drops by one point for every day that the Big Celebration is delayed". Is that always 1 point per game day, or is the GC expected to give a number of "free days" first? Does the GC just decide when a day has passed, or should you track time? Or maybe track meals?

Thank you!

That's very much the way we played, but we found the game was heavily stacked against P. As agents we did all sorts of risky things with low scores, and wagered on them, and never managed to fail. It seems hard to imagine actually running out of Coins.

I'd thought we were almost certainly doing something wrong, but it doesn't sound like we were :)

If multiple agents attempt the same risky action in different ways can they use different stats to do so?

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  1. During the Engagement, are you using a deck with the face cards removed? (Because they were used to determine the agendas)
  2. During the Engagement do you count your Secret Agenda in your total if it is not revealed (i.e. is your score always at least 10)
  3. If there are multiple Agents in an engagement, do you succeed so long as at least one agent beats P? If one agent beats P, does it matter if the others go bust?
  4. What happens if an Agent goes bust, while another agent succeeds? Do you ignore the Bust?
  5. If you wager a coin, but then don't beat P, while another Agent beats P, does your wager still work?
Cotrio community · Created a new topic Very engrossing game

I picked up Cotrio today as part of the bundle for Racial Justice and Equality, and I've played through around 80 levels non-stop. It is ridiculously addictive, and I don't even like puzzle games that much!

The game is atmospheric, attractive, and also challenging. Highly recommended.

My only negative observations is that the game seems more suited for tablet than desktop play — I couldn't operate the 3D environments with a mouse, and the help text talks about touch input. Also the progress bar suggests that the game stops at a certain level, but it doesn't seem to end! Beware!

I think the issue with the pathfinding is that once you are adjacent to an enemy, it tracks you move for move. There is no way to get past it, and if it happens to be standing on your lantern, then you can neither recover the lantern, nor attack it. All you can do is move back and forth while it continues to block you.

Is the lamp supposed to have an AOE effect? I've not seen it kill anything other than the target square it lands on.

I can definitely see the light/sanity trade off, but the balance isn't quite right yet. You can't skip lighting torches, because loss of sanity just kills you outright, so you just have to live with the lack of oil.

I assume the blue ghost isn't supposed to be destroyable?

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I had quite a lot of initial trouble with the controls. At the start I thought the game was broken because it wouldn't respond to keyboard input — you need to click once before it accepts any, but clicking again selects you and disables the input.

I agree that light seems to run out too fast. You have a level that is just oil and hearts, and I was pretty much already out of oil again by the time I got to the next level. Maybe allow people to stockpile oil?

Like aishatrbi I kept finding myself cornered by enemies, who would never let me return to a thrown lamp. It seems too easy to be blocked like that. Maybe there should be a little more randomness in the path finding?

I enjoyed the first set of levels, but the portals are very buggy. They often bounce you straight back out again, or won't let you through. With such a tiny margin of time, I frequently missed the target on a level with portals because of this.

Yes, a refresh would fix it, but otherwise nothing would. It seems like the game believed you had no arrows, even though arrows were indicated on screen. I first thought it had to do with the magical orb that maxed arrows, but it happened later with normal arrow increases.

There seems to be something missing here. The game doesn't tell you how to play it.

It says : "For all interactions you roll a d20" ... and then do what? Roll under a number? Roll over a number?

It says : "Strength - For Combat or Strenuous work" ... there's combat? How does it work? Do I win if I roll under Strength?

It says : "All stats go up to 20 and are decided by dice roll" ... what dice rolls? The race and background modifiers appear to be in the range -2 to +2, which makes it unlikely that the dice roll in question is rolling a d20.

You say : "Designed to be friendly to new players", but I don't think vague and uncertain procedures are friendly to anyone.

Got it. You need chmod u+x on

Then it runs. The app bundle itself is already executable, but I that file needs to be as well

Nope, this was on Mojave. Also that was the exact (and very unhelpful) error message "This app can't be opened". I don't believe this is the usual key signing error you get for unverified apps, because that has a "because the developer couldn't be identified" on the end of the error. This error, which I've had before from itch games, usually means something needs to be set executable, but isn't

Sometimes it seems that the rogues arrows stop working. This appears to happen after you run out of arrows, even if you then refill. I've walked into a room with 40 arrows and nothing happens

I've tried a few times to run the Mac version, but I just get  "This app can't be opened", which probably indicates some permission problems, or a corrupted zip archive. I've tried unzipping it with tools other than the standard OSX archiver, but it still doesn't work.