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Pixel Artist Required For Volunteer Work :)

A topic by DprockPlaysOld created Apr 22, 2017 Views: 282 Replies: 1
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Hello, guys/girls im looking for a pixel artist to replace some of the sprites in my game, or to just mainly make the bosses, its a top down shooter, i suggest you check it out if you want to help leave a comment below or email me at

and of-course you can add this game to your portfolio if you helped!

Pixel Smasher is a free fast-paced rhythm top down shooter game you must battle bosses in sync with edm/dubstep music:

You play as a boy harry, on a mission to find his home after an series of weird events happen.

after so long you end up in the middle of no where and on some strange planet.

You must fight through tons of enemies, crazy bosses and figure away to get home, because dinner is going cold!

This Game Is In ALPHA! There are only 2 bosses to play at the moment and all the graphics are place holders until i find a graphics artist.

Screen-Shots are on pixel smasher page. Thank-you :)

This is currently a demo - need feedback, Thank-you :)

I'm interested! i already send you some stuff. (: