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Do not join their Discord Server

A topic by D. Yvthaí created Apr 12, 2020 Views: 2,244 Replies: 10
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I was involved in a rude experience wherein the Janitors took a bias against me and took the side of the one constantly harassing me and telling me about my own experiences as if they lived through it. Because I snapped and gave out hell; I was banned. But the one who pushed me to the breaking point did not receive a ban. There is a clear bias on that server and I was once going to purchase the game through here to support the developer and I subsequently regret my purchase on Steam since the entire staff on his discord server is morally bankrupt. I once truly believed in and supported the developer but If I'm going to be banned for being rightfully pissed off at someone talking down to me about my own culture; I sincerely hope karma reaches the Developer.

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I will also be inquiring a full refund through Steam as I only played a few minutes of the game. This experience completely turned me off supporting the developer in any way whatsoever if it's just okay for people to tell me how Irish history went when I've grown up in and lived through it but it seems to be okay for some foreigner faux-irish to tell me what's what. I'm deeply disappointed that you allow people to be spoke down to and and ban the one that was rightfully mad. Everything I said in the server was correct and I was treated as if I was flaming an argument. I was  being corrected; I gave the facts and I got told to pipe down. I wasn't in the wrong and your moderators didn't seem to care about that so I am well within my right to pre-warn all users that this server will allow you to be harassed and spoken down to by someone that only understands your culture from a distance. I am Irish, I know my heritage and you banned me as myperhusic on discord. I was going to return to simply view the game's updates but if I have been fully banned even though I was in the right; that isn't fair of you and I will no longer support your efforts.

Someone else might be your cuckold but I won't be. If I'm not gonna be respected on the server when I was in the right, then I fully expect a refund and best of luck with your game since you're dwindling into Yandere Dev territory, I genuinely did believe you were different, that you weren't just another Phil Fish or Yandere Dev.

But it's the same song for every indie developer it seems; I've learned that lesson well and have learned to never support you the same way a bank won't even give you a loan to start developing a video game. I needed that kick in the arse to realize that there's a reason Triple-A development studios excel where you won't, there's a reason they're king and you aren't. It's the natural order of things and you earned your place beneath them.  The End.


Debating online tends to be as beneficial as pissing into an ocean of piss and I wouldn't go slamming the developer just because you had a disagreement with somebody totally unrelated in a chat room. Respect needs to work both ways  and after reading the conversation you were the first one to descend into name calling so some mild reflection on your part is probably best. 

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I was threatened first and banned. If the user who I "threatened" is not also banned there is a double standard. I signed in on a separate account and joined the server to see they were still there. That user regretted not being able to assault me thank you for selectively leaving that out or was that magically "different" and "not the same"?

I honestly do not regret my refund.


I'm sorry it happened and I'm sorry I wasn't there to de-escalate the situation. You were banned by a moderator for directly threatening another user and wishing their family members death of cancer.


I love that your moderators knowingly left out the part where 5-10 minutes before I even said that, that same user threatened me by saying how they regretted not having 300 Euros for a passport so they could come to Ireland to physically assault me and your server just thought to selectively forget that.

I was threatened first and banned. You are morally bankrupt.


It's fine, I know you're not gonna correct the wrongs because you run a kangaroo court that looks after its own even though chronologically I was threatened first and nothing was done about it; I know your true colors now and I've gotten my money back so I'll be happy with the fact I never have to interact with your type ever again seeing as none of your moderators understand if there were threats - I was threatened first.

This experience has given me the much needed kick in the arse to not support indie developers any more unless I've observed their communities for 2 years before purchasing the game title to see how their developer and moderators handle situations.

You failed horribly as you only banned one of us. If threats are a reasonable ban and only I was banned; you may as well not have rules.

It was a horrible experience to be spoken down to about my own culture by an outsider, I didn't make one comment on his Syrian culture - it wasn't my place. I knew my people and he was just allowed to constantly fight me on what I grew up in. Based on the other commenter in the thread - you have full access to the conversation and everyone can still see it yet only I appear as the demon.

That's called selective reading. Shame on you.


To clarify the events, the two of you did indeed exchange threats. A mod instructed each of you to STFU. The other participant went silent. You literally said, "Nah, I won't," and continued the tirade. The ban followed immediately.

Simple, logical. You accuse others of your own selective reading.


No, the other tried to get the last word and his comments were getting deleted as he typed them out. Selective reading.


2 points for trying though.


I actually said "Nah, I won't I'll do you one better." and mouthed off at that user he mouthed back and  you're just gonna act like his comments weren't being deleted as he wrote them, huh? Typical kangaroo court, never change.