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I love that your moderators knowingly left out the part where 5-10 minutes before I even said that, that same user threatened me by saying how they regretted not having 300 Euros for a passport so they could come to Ireland to physically assault me and your server just thought to selectively forget that.

I was threatened first and banned. You are morally bankrupt.


It's fine, I know you're not gonna correct the wrongs because you run a kangaroo court that looks after its own even though chronologically I was threatened first and nothing was done about it; I know your true colors now and I've gotten my money back so I'll be happy with the fact I never have to interact with your type ever again seeing as none of your moderators understand if there were threats - I was threatened first.

This experience has given me the much needed kick in the arse to not support indie developers any more unless I've observed their communities for 2 years before purchasing the game title to see how their developer and moderators handle situations.

You failed horribly as you only banned one of us. If threats are a reasonable ban and only I was banned; you may as well not have rules.

It was a horrible experience to be spoken down to about my own culture by an outsider, I didn't make one comment on his Syrian culture - it wasn't my place. I knew my people and he was just allowed to constantly fight me on what I grew up in. Based on the other commenter in the thread - you have full access to the conversation and everyone can still see it yet only I appear as the demon.

That's called selective reading. Shame on you.