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Blobby Tennis - VR Experience

A topic by Slin created Apr 18, 2017 Views: 265
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I dug out an old prototype I made during Ludum Dare 31 in the end of 2014 and started polishing it into a more complete experience.

The game is obviously inspired by Blobby Volley, but instead of just controlling a blob, you control a tennis racket and ball and play against an AI blob, with similar rules to blobby volley. But because there is no scoring system, you can just set your goals yourself and have some fun playing ball on the beach.

The game currently requires an Oculus Rift with Touch controllers and is still under active development. While the gameplay is final (I may still tweak the AI a bit though), I am still working on shadows and some other details.

It uses a custom DirectX12 engine and requires Windows 10.