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Absolutely love what I Played online; Purchased It and the App is 0Kb

A topic by vegaspipistrelle created Apr 02, 2020 Views: 279 Replies: 5
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Thank you for this imaginative game, and thanks so much for the screen-reader accessibility. Unfortunately, I downloaded it onto my Mac and got a message that the app was incomplete or damaged. I looked at the particulars and it said it was 0KB. I got no error messages on the download, so what should I try next? I want more, more, more! Again, thanks. :-)


Hello! Glad to have you here! :)

For the next patch I’ll upload an HTML5 version of the full game that you can play in your browser. I’d recommend using a WebKit-based browser like Chrome, but Firefox or any evergreen browser should work too. Putting the final touches in right now.

For the macOS build I’m using electron-packager. Unfortunately I don’t have access to a machine with macOS to test so I’ll need some time to figure this out. Thanks for understanding.

Thanks! I'll definitely check into this.


Just updated the game to 0.9.0 (Alpha 2) with an added HTML5 build.

I found some info about this issue on macOS. Some users report that the error goes away after restarting your computer. Let me know if that helps.

The HTML5 is working beautifully. I love it; thank you! The Mac OS app is still exhibiting the same issues i described upthread. Thanks!


So glad you’re able to enjoy! Thanks for the feedback. I’ve just learned that I can’t build for macOS without having access to it myself, so for now I’m removing support. I hope to have it resolved soon.

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