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Fun game. Love the accessible games; thank you!

Ok, thanks. Just wanted to be sure I didn't miss something. I do like it very much. take care. :-)

Great game! I love the sounds and the scares. The only question I have is: what happens when you make it home? I try and nothing happens; the sound just goes around me. Is there a sequence of homing spots to go through in order? I hope I'm not missing something. :-) Thanks a lot; enjoyed it very much, and it's always good to have a screen-reader-accessible game that works!

The HTML5 is working beautifully. I love it; thank you! The Mac OS app is still exhibiting the same issues i described upthread. Thanks!

Thanks! I'll definitely check into this.

Thank you for this imaginative game, and thanks so much for the screen-reader accessibility. Unfortunately, I downloaded it onto my Mac and got a message that the app was incomplete or damaged. I looked at the particulars and it said it was 0KB. I got no error messages on the download, so what should I try next? I want more, more, more! Again, thanks. :-)