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I love this. Traveling inside a soundtrack is probably as close to synesthesia as I'm going to get. I love this sort of game; very relaxing and meditative for me. Very blind-friendly, too. :-) Beautiful.

May have accidentally exploited a glitch ... My rapid-fire keeps on and on and doesn't stop after ten seconds. That may be why my score was so high. I'm playing on the Mac version, and I have an old machine running a patch of Catalina, so it may be a unique situation. If this is not the right place to report issues, I'm sorry. I haven't visited this site in awhile, but I do like it.

I must must must gloat. I guess I know how to play this game. LOL

 Even if Marvin the paranoid android tells me "better luck next time." Hee hee.

Thank you for playing Lucky Strike! Your score was 496180, and you had a destroy chance of 28.4percent when you got wiped from the earth. Today you killed 173 robots. Better luck next time! Maybe.

I love it! Very playable, and the sounds are wacky and make me smile. I also love those shoot-''em-up games

Fun game. Love the accessible games; thank you!

Ok, thanks. Just wanted to be sure I didn't miss something. I do like it very much. take care. :-)

Great game! I love the sounds and the scares. The only question I have is: what happens when you make it home? I try and nothing happens; the sound just goes around me. Is there a sequence of homing spots to go through in order? I hope I'm not missing something. :-) Thanks a lot; enjoyed it very much, and it's always good to have a screen-reader-accessible game that works!

The HTML5 is working beautifully. I love it; thank you! The Mac OS app is still exhibiting the same issues i described upthread. Thanks!

Thanks! I'll definitely check into this.

Thank you for this imaginative game, and thanks so much for the screen-reader accessibility. Unfortunately, I downloaded it onto my Mac and got a message that the app was incomplete or damaged. I looked at the particulars and it said it was 0KB. I got no error messages on the download, so what should I try next? I want more, more, more! Again, thanks. :-)