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Mini Dungeon Adventures

A topic by Arcade Badgers created Apr 14, 2017 Views: 159 Replies: 1
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Well, I just missed the deadline by a couple of minutes as Chrome crashed on me while sorting out the game page.

Ah well, things happen... I'm surprised I even managed to get this much done to begin with!

So, here's the quick story on the game and the past two weeks...

Mini Dungeon Adventures :

It's a quick little roguelike thing, it randomly generates dungeons for you to go down, smack monsters, pickup loot and equipment, and drag it back to the surface to sell in the tavern. Rinse and repeat until you get clobbered.

I entered originally with an entirely different idea, to do with germs spreading. You clicked on cells to expand them, and they then multiplied and took over other cells. You then had to take over an area, and eat an opposing germ doing the same thing. It'd then zoom out and show another area and you'd need to link up the two so your germs could get across, and so on. Until you were ferrying germs across multiple "islands" and trying to stem outbreaks of other germs. I got reasonably far with it by last Saturday.. but I didn't think I'd be able to get it finished with what free time I had left, so stopped it, and started on this instead.

More fool me!

I'd say I've probably spent about 20 hours overall on this.. and my wife helped with some of the art.

There's no sound.. didn't have time.
I was going to have minions to hire to send in the dungeon in your place.. ran out of time, though half the code is in there to do it.
It's barely been gameplay tweaked, and I think the active wait time is perhaps a bit too long... but then when you're later in the dungeon it feels about right to try and sneak between some nasty spiders.
I did start it as an HTML5 thing.. but then something broke an hour before deadline, so switched it back to Windows... might go and fix it now as I missed the deadline anyway due to Chrome crashing!
It's presentation is quite basic and there's pretty much no feedback as to what you're doing, or what you're meant to be doing.. so yea, typical me biting off more than I can chew, and trying to cram a game together over a few evenings!

That said, first time actually sitting down and using GMS 2.. so happy with the little experiment in that regard at least.

Congrats to everyone else who actually submitted something in time!

-- Stuckie

And with massive thanks to @KronBits we managed to sneak in due to the odd circumstances.

So, for future jams, submitting a placeholder/alpha would probably be a good idea... will have to keep that as a mental note!

Now to get playing the other entries!

-- Stuckie