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A topic by RoyEXP created Apr 14, 2017 Views: 277 Replies: 3
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Hi ! I try to launch myself in the creation of video game and here is a first prototype: STAR BRICKS.

Try to drop the bricks and pick them up to increase your points. If the number of bricks picked up on a level is sufficient (more than 59%), an alert indicates that the level is validated: you can let the ball go out.

Some bricks allow you to get either points or ammo or lives. So do not miss them !!!

Use the left and right arrows as well as the space bar to shoot.

Do not hesitate to point out your remarks: improvements, bugs, even other changes that could radically change the game itself.

Sorry for the video that presents the game a bit jerky but the gameplay is much better in reality.

For those who downloaded it, I added a new version with in addition to ten tables, a highscore.

Do not hesitate to give me your opinion even if it is negative.

This game is free !!!

This brick breaker game is still available for download.

See you soon in "DevLogs" with a new version. This time, it will be a duel between two paddles with in addition different weapons, bonuses, time limit, gauge of life, highscores, ...

Do not hesitate to give your opinion on the first version (bugs, etc ...) either on the topic / post or to my email address: !!!