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FamiStudio - NES Music Editor for chiptune artists & homebrewers · By BleuBleu

A small issue in regards to the song playback arrow, I think.

A topic by Sachinp created Mar 30, 2020 Views: 285 Replies: 6
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My apologies. I'm probably making a mistake somewhere, but I noticed a small issue whilst I'm playing a pattern.

The song playback arrow thing seems to be slower than the actual playback during certain pattern size instances. During my tests, I found that a pattern length of 256 caused the song playback arrow to move at half the speed it's supposed to go at, while a pattern length of 16 caused it to become even slower.

The following video was taken on a MacBook Pro, using MacOS version 10.15.3 (Catalina), demonstrating the issue I ended up facing. My apologies in regards to the quality of it.

Aside from that, thanks for making this software. It's been really fun to use, and I'm glad that it exists.



That is indeed very weird. Playback should be the same speed as long as you dont change speed/tempo (which you didnt do). 

Its a bit hard to tell from the video since it doesn't seem to have sound but I'll try it later this week on my Mac and get back to you.



Ah, I see. Thanks a bunch in regards to the relatively quick reply. My apologies in regards to the lack of audio (the software I ended up using didn't have an audio-recording feature for some reason). I could try to make another clip with audio if that helps.

Anyways, I really appreciate your willingness to look into the issue I seem to be facing, and you have my thanks.


Hi! Sorry for the delay.

I dusted off the old mac-mini over the weekend and created a song very similar to your. I played it with pattern length 256 and then again with 16. In both cases the speed appeared to be the same. I would have liked to include a video, but I also didn't manage to record desktop audio with QuickTime (I think we need a 3rd party app for that). How big of a difference should I have noticed?

Any other info you could tell me that could he me reproduce the issue?


My apologies. This response is ridiculously late.

Anyways, unfortunately, there isn't really anything in particular that I've done out of the ordinary, as per my knowledge. I installed the software as I would with any other, and I ran it similarly. 

As a side note, I did have a previous version of FamiStudio installed prior to installing the current version, but I doubt that has anything to do with my issue.

In any case, it's probably an issue with my computer, or something about how I set it up. 

Once again, my apologies in regards to the heavily delayed reply. I'll update this post if anything else comes to mind.


Hi! I think after months I finally understand what you mean. I thought all along the issue was with the audio, but what you probably meant is the yellow arrow is not at the right position. Some other user just reported this and somehow I understood.

Anyway, it's been a while, but just to let you know that this has just been fix in 2.0.2.

Sorry for completely misunderstanding your bug. You were absolutely right.


Hello! Man it's been some time, I am so sorry about how delayed this response is. Regarding the bug, no worries! Glad to have been able to contribute. Thank you very much for the fix, that in mind. FamiStudio is an incredible tool, and I look forward to seeing how it develops in the future.