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In my timezone the day was right ;)


Not sure what the question is. If you mean sf2 as in soundfonts, no. FamiStudio is for the Nintendo Entertainment System or Famicom. That's all it does. Its not a generic DAW or anything.

No. Piano roll only, sorry.


Hi! There is one case where MM:SS:MMM isnt supported and that's when using FamiTracker tempo mode.  Are you using this mode by any chance? Otherwise it sounds like a real bug!


I understand. Ill have another small tutorial coming soon but its about more "advanced" stuff, probably not what you have in mind.

I only have so much time to dedicate to this. At some point the community also needs to step up and make their own tutorials, share their songs, games, etc. and spread the word! :)



Expansion audio is selected in the project properties. VRC6 is the one that had a saw channel.

You should take some time to watch the 1h tutorial. Best of luck.


FamiStudio community · Created a new topic Discord Server
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Just a reminder that the preferred way of asking questions is through the FamiStudio Discord server.




Thanks! 😇

Oh thats great news! Thanks for reporting back!

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Is there any error message you could give me so I can help you better?

Also, in version 2.2.0, the files are already renamed, so you shouldnt have had to do anything.

EDIT: You could also jump in the discord to make debugging this faster.  (


I'm not in front of my Linux machine right now, but my guess would be that maybe you grabbed a more recent version of a dependency in MonoDevelop?

I use very specific version (GTK# 2.12, OpenTK 3.1.0) i think and have no plan to update anything at the moment as things are pretty stable on all platforms. For example, I know GTK 3 has been out for almost 10 years and OpenTK has a 3.2.0 version, but i have no need to update. :)

I do prefer your option name, even if it is just as wordy.


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Yes it is.

So I made it so that it only disables dragging sounds only when the sound is playing. This should give you the best of both world. You'll get silence when you are looping on your pattern, and you'll get audio preview otherwise. 

Btw if you have an idea for a shorter name for this option, let me know. Its very wordy right now.


Hi. I dont have any plans to support exporting to these other systems, there is too much work to do around the NES already. Your best route would be to look at the FamiStudio Text export format, and write yourself a little piece of code that translate the music from one format to the other.



Thanks for the feedback. Seems like a fair enough request.

The only thing is that it might end up in the settings menu, is that OK with you? I don't want to add new toolbar buttons for very specific workflows, its getting crowded up there already!


Right now MIDI support is very basic. You will be able to play notes on your controller and hear the selected instrument/channel in FamiStudio, but that's about it. There is no recording functionality at the moment unfortunately.


Haha, well first let me finish this version, probably still 1 month to go :)

Not a lot of good songs on the FDS library unfortunately. Maybe you can make up your own?


Finally gathered all the parts to make this a reality.


Hi! Thanks for reaching out.

Could you try the solution in the troubleshooting section of the documentation and report back? This has worked for all users with this issue so far.


Ok, this seem to happen a lot with OLD version of Mono. 4.x is definately old.

Can you try this:

- Rename to
- Rename to

(basically add "lib" prefix to both names)

Thanks and let me know if that work.



Windows 7 SP1 is supported and was working last time i tested.
Be sure to install everything that is mentioned in the documentation.


Oh no problem. You could create yourself a shortcut with a nice icon to avoid having to run it from the terminal next time. :)

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Do you run "mono FamiStudio.exe" ? If so, is there anything that appears in the terminal? 

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I forgot to include a readme inside the release. I updated it. Check out the readme.

The FDS had huge potential but I have yet to see a good song made with it. I've open a lot of FDS nfs to look for one and it's all pretty bad. One of the issue seemed to be (im speculating here) that composer knew that the channel wouldn't be available in US/EU version so they always made it something optional (low humm in Metroid, bells in Zelda, etc). Sometimes only the title screen was making use of it.

But agreed, huge potential there.

The full list of games:

Please share if you find a kick-ass song in this list!


Sure, right now I support up to 8 song per ROM. Would that be enough for you?

You use the left/right dpad buttons to switch songs. (not the most user friendly thing, but hey, it works). :)


Hi! I finally got all the testers I needed. Patience! FamiStudio 2.1.0 (which is going to have a Linux version) is about a week away. :)

Thats a good idea. As I was discussing with another user, the FDS is pretty much the only expansion chip anyone can get, so it makes sense.

As usual, releases are a few months apart so don't expect anything quick :)


Haha keep em coming. I think the algorithm is giving us more follower since the board has been more active?


Ok, thanks for the file. Ill debug a bit.

The fact that track pitch goes from -127/128 and and envelope pitch goes from -63/64 is simply because of the way it ends up being encoded in the NSF.  One bit is reserved for special codes in envelopes. They both are in the same exact unit tho.

The sweep unit i have no plan to support in the short term.


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I actually dont know if a Famicom cartdrige can access the FDS sound chip, very good question. Youll have to do some googling on that. 

For the phase stuff, FamiTracker has a sweep effect that happens to (almost accidentally) triggers a phase reset. I know some people use it as such. For us we could add a "phase reset" track in the effect panel. Like a simple thing that you set to 1 to trigger a phase reset. Feels hacky tho.

Oh boy, a pitch unit is very fuzzy. Its the same units that you use in the pitch envelopes. Basically its gonna look something like this (this is in hexadecimal, trackers loooove hexadecimal):

It basically measures the length of 1 cycle of the waveform.

So higher pitches have tiny values, which low pitches have HUGE values. So a delta of +1 or -1 will be a lot more significant in high-pitches.  FamiStudio does not try to compensate for any of this. You can probably hear it already on instrument with vibrato.


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Hi! Humm im a bit puzzled. They go from C0 to B7.

Are you panning up and down? Press the middle mouse button (mouse wheel) and pan around.


Those are good questions.

I have seen songs, Castlevania comes to mind, where they will add or subtract 1 pitch unit from one of the square channel (by setting a single value of -1 or + 1 in the using the "Pitch" effect track on the very first note of the song). This seem to break the interference that you mention and it creates very interesting effects. Channels become much more audible all of a sudden.

I didn't write the sound emutation for the base NES (i did write some of the expansions that were missing tho) but it should be fairly accurate. It will not be helpful at all for you, but "the phase of the square channels resets every time hi-byte of the 16-bit period is written". That was quite a mouthful. In plain English it means that the phase will only reset when you cross over these notes (approximately) : A-3, A-2, D-2, A-1, F-1, D-1. I dont think its realistic for you to purposely reset the phase in your songs...

I just have an Everdrive N8. The base version (need to get the pro soon) does not have an NSF player, so i use my ROM exporter. And no, i dont have any mods so if i were to use expansion audio, it would be emulated by the Everdrive... which would kind of defeat the purpose of using real hardware. I heard of people having boards with VRC6 and other expansions on them, but I dont know much about those. If you have a Famicom, getting an FDS would be super cool. That's the one expansion chip that anyone can get and run on actual hardware easily.


Awesome dude! I guess you are ready for the movie to come out then? 

That's a valid point for phases. I never thought about that. Ill try asking around some of the chiptune gurus to see what they say. 

In the mean time if you have a simple ROM that shows the problem, i can run on my NES let you know, we could see how it reacts.


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- That's a good idea for the loop point thing. But this mean everything on the "right" of the "endpoint" will never ever play right? Its just a temporary storage area?

- Just slide them offscreen (left or right) they will go away. Right click to delete would be nice, but i unfortunately already mapped the release point to right click. Not exactly consistent. Need to think about this.

Yes! Will work with groups!