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Don't Bite Me Bro!

1-4 Player Co-op open-world zombie apocalypse game. Explore, Build, Upgrade, and Defend from constant waves of Zombies. · By MUIFWEGO

No way out of church basement...

A topic by TheNoobieWaffle created Apr 13, 2017 Views: 308 Replies: 8
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So, thanks for that.


Hey NoobieWaffle,

You can exit from the first level of a dungeon but once you start going into the next levels you need to defeat the boss then smash the orb to exit. you can always opt-out by holding Triangle/Y/ESCAPE but loose your collected resources,

Hope This helps you out,


I already alt f4d :( I walked around everywhere but there was no boss. Pink enemies kept on spawning when I would go back to areas Ive already cleared


The boss is at the 3rd level of a dungeon youll see a different kind of fog at the entrances, it looks like teal spheres. The dungeons are randomly generated but it should be making sure to always have a way out.

Hope you keep playing and dont recieve this problem again, I'll try my best to help out if its an actual bug,

Thanks for the feedback, really appreciated,


I assume the entrance would be on the back wall? I looked at all the back walls first then tried left and right but didnt see anything.


It can actually be anywhere in the floor, even by the entrance. Since its randomly generated I can't tell you exactly where it would be but there is about 10 rooms in the 3rd level of the church.

Hey, i actually seem to have the same bug gotta try to provide a video

Video of me inside the Church with no exist to the next level


Hey Teqx,

You're so right thanks for the video, the randomness of the dungeons really makes it difficult to keep track of every posibility. I'll try my best to prevent this from ever happening. You can use Esc/Triangle/Y to escape back to the entrance, unfortunately you will loose the stuff you collected. if you quit and restart, you saved file will have what you did when you entered the church.

Hope this helps,


I knew i wasn't crazy... hehe