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I completed it later that day, used a controller because I didn't figure out how to interface with it (I had not seen this message at the time XD). When I had to use the bumpers I realized I probably didn't try the correct button on PC.

Anyway, I loved the game. I was sad when it ended where it did. I thought it was going to and *after* you see what's going on in that place.

Games like yours makes me wish there was a better way to browse to find good games... it's not easy to find the gems! I think I may have happened to scroll by a reddit post to find your game tho, don't quite remember.

Hey! Fun so far!

The barter menu will not let me use up/down arrows or mouse hover to select what to buy/sell. I can only select the bottom 3 buttons (buy/sell/end).

Sure! (Sorry, I dont check here often, but I'll try and keep an eye open the next couple days and play if I see you)

Remapping to number keys would be pretty cool

I've never done a jam on, so I don't know how the topics are given.

Is A) "isolation" the topic, or is B) "Isolation" the name of this jam, and the topic will be given once the jam starts?

The zip you downloaded contained a ReadMe.txt. You have to do two things. 1)port forward 25565, and 2) right click the exe that launches the game and make a shortcut. Modify the windows parameters by adding "-server" to the end.

I knew i wasn't crazy... hehe

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If anyone wants additional players in their game or needs someone to play with comment here. I'll join :D

I assume the entrance would be on the back wall? I looked at all the back walls first then tried left and right but didnt see anything.

I already alt f4d :( I walked around everywhere but there was no boss. Pink enemies kept on spawning when I would go back to areas Ive already cleared

So, thanks for that.

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OMG! You've made my day! No one has ever done a game play video of something I've made! Thank you so much! I hope you're happy to know I'm already in the works of giving the game a 2 player co-op capability. The good kind of co-op: Online functionality! (NAT Punchthrough and LAN) port forward capable))

Adding between round objectives is a great idea, thanks! The only objective at the moment is available at round 25, sort of an easter egg. It goes get repetitive and I should add more content to fix that. Thanks for the ideas :)

Well nice work, Ive opened stuff in dotPeek, etc. I could never get it into a writable format, though. I always had it in a form where its showing machine operations. But thank you for the reply, I just think its so cool that you went back and added something the devs said they wouldn't add because its too much for a small team.

How did you modify this to add multiplayer? Like, how did you even reverse engineer the project to a format that you could add networking? I'm super interested in specifics, I think its really neat! Plz reply, demon :)

I think when you're at 190/192 is when you really start to appreciate the scenery. Loved the Windows 95 easter egg. Nice play!

Amazing. I got stuck at the room with an insane amount of enemies though. I killed them all and couldn't figure out where to go.... both of the doors were red. Anyway, incredible game! I loved it, cant wait for more!

Apart from the ear rape I experienced at the first 2 block deep hole, great project! The 45 degree camera angle makes arrow key movement feel a bit off. If you were to rotate the camera like 15 degrees counter-clockwise, I think it would make moving feel a bit better.