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SCP Clicker

A topic by TangentFox created Apr 13, 2017 Views: 932 Replies: 2
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First off, you can see the current status of the game from its page. Second, if you don't know about the SCP Foundation..well, just check it out.

SCP Clicker is a game based on the mythos of the SCP Foundation. You must balance the need to keep the world safe and your need to get cash to keep the Foundation running. Additionally, you'd like to get as much research done as you can, but this can be dangerous.

This post is a summary of update before I started this devlog. Rather than break it down into updates, I'll just list what was added here:

  • 16 SCPs (including 4 that have multiple instances)
  • 2 random events (agent deaths and a special event based on a particular SCP)
  • 6 resources (cash, agents, savings accounts, banks, Class D personnel, research)
  • 5 actions (getting cash, getting SCPs, researching SCPs, emergency procedures to reduce danger)
  • options/settings and cheats
  • version checking
  • SCP descriptions based on the actual wiki content
  • tooltips and a little area for persistent tips
  • save data is plaintext! :D so you can hack around with it :P
  • Title screen (yes, this is a feature)

Version 0.9.2

This is the first release I've done aimed at fixing bugs and adding minor features, without adding any new content. I decided I needed to take a day to improve the basics rather than keep piling new stuff on. Changes:

  • The researched disc count on SCP-092 previously didn't update until you clicked it, now it shows the correct number.
  • SCPs with multiple instances are now counted properly and shown as a single icon with a number on it instead of duplicates.
  • Autosave feature!
  • Fixed a bug with losing.
  • Fixed a bug with how the pause menu was handled (and any UI click events in general).
  • Fixed a bug allowing negative resources (like firing more agents than you have).
  • New games start with some cash flow and cash to make the early game a little easier. This isn't a very significant change, but people often have trouble with the early game.

Additionally, in this release, the licensing information included in the download has been updated and corrected to explain what is in the game under what licensing. Oh, and I have a new build system making it easier to focus on making changes and pushing new builds. :D