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Runeshard (alpha)

Action-RPG with hard but rewarding combat · By Handcrafted Games

What are the controls? >:-(

A topic by ^densch created Apr 11, 2017 Views: 325 Replies: 1
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What are the controls?
If you publish a game on a website, you can expect people to play it at their computer.
And computers use keyboards, not some xbobx controllers or other stuff.
therefor it's utterly useless to post some controller commands in the menu.
Tried att the buttons but except the sword swing button, I cant find any others.
Where are all the things like inventory and stuff?

Developer (1 edit)

Hi, ^densch.

While controllers work just fine on PC, the keyboard controls are listed and rebindable from the options menu. The default ones you can see in the screenshot below.