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Hi there, momoking8289. Sorry to hear you're having issues with the game. Could you join our Discord at so I can help you diagnose the issue?

Thank you for sharing, Fellowplayer. The video is awesome! Drop by our discord to have a chat sometime :)

Changes since 1104:

- Sound fx and music tweaks
- Fixed bad text alignment in the inventory stats tab
- Hero status effects now get removed on death
- Fixed glitch which allowed two of the same rune to be offered at the altar
- Fix for inactive portal in one of the mission areas
- Fixed Lightning rune typo
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Hi, ^densch.

While controllers work just fine on PC, the keyboard controls are listed and rebindable from the options menu. The default ones you can see in the screenshot below.

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I'm sorry, but we do not support 32-bit platforms.

Thanks for the feedback! We're improving the game every day and I hope you'll try it again in a while after we've added more enemy types and adjusted the difficulty curve.

If you have trouble running the game we'd be happy to help, just drop by our Discord (link is listed above).

Yes, please send it to us after so we can watch :)

Thanks! I guess.