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Pixel Fx Designer

Design pixelart effects and render them to .png sprite sheets or .gifs. · By CodeManu

Purchase Error

A topic by 7studiodev created 69 days ago Views: 126 Replies: 7
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Hi I purchased pixel fx designer yesterday but i didnot recieve any download link or steam key. I was successfully charged on Paypal. On paypal it shows transaction is successfully completed but i got no download links to product or steam keys.

Its weird, have you checked your itchio email? and your itchio library to see if the article was added? What email you used to purchase so i can confirm the sell was made?

yes i checked my email but didnot got any download link nothing was added to library.

My paypal purchased email was

I checked the purchases on PixelFX and there is no email that match with your one, so i can't confirm the purchase.

I will ask to the admin to see if there is any problem and how to fix this, sorry!

thanks for the reply actually my email is

And i used different mail for to purchase this software which was mention in other post.

I read help page. On that page it was mention that if you purchased something through login account then that purchased will be displayed in purchased items  in your login account.

I also contacted support for the issue but got no result for this error.

But anyway thanks i am waiting for support reply.



Sorry you didn’t get a reply from support! It looks like PayPal delayed your payment, but it has since been processed. You should have received an email with your purchase receipt and a download link. Tell us if you’re still having issues.


Thank you soo much i  have recieved my purchase  receipt email.

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You gotta stop spamming everywhere on the site, if you need help we have a place to get help:

Do not randomly post all over other threads or we’ll also remove your community posting permissions. Please, be respectful.

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