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What kinds of games need safety tools?

A topic by cordeliam2001 created Mar 21, 2020 Views: 1,047 Replies: 2
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Serious question for those who advocate for the use of safety tools for all RPG tables: would you also require safety tools for games that are not RPGs? What features do you think a game or activity has to have to cross the boundary into "we need safety tools" territory? autoclicker


Hm, good question, I had never thought of that. I think any game that has a story that develops through play. In that sense, maybe it could be useful to use safety tools for a card game like Gloom? I wouldn't expect to have problems with most groups, but maybe when playing in a gaming convention with strangers...

Genuinely I’d say horror games, toeing the line between what scares people and makes them genuinely upset and no longer having fun can be tricky for some