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Milkmaid of the Milky Way

Award-winning, rhyming point'n'click adventure · By machineboy

Thanks a lot

A topic by ifo created 9 days ago Views: 90 Replies: 4
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This was one of the best and most touching adventure games I've played for quite some time - thanks a lot for this little gem, this was exactly the right game at this time.

It took me a bit more than 2 hours to finish the game, and I've enjoyed every second of it - the story, the graphics including animations, the soundtrack and the puzzle design were just amazing.

The (32 bit) Linux version worked perfectly fine by the way.


Good to hear, glad you enjoyed the game. Stay safe!

Crap, did I miss the giveaway? I was busy and sick earlier and figured I'd get around to it later, but didn't think to actually check when it was over. Doh.

Oh well, thanks anyway for your generosity!

I’m so sad, I had trouble trying to claim the game + soundtrack a few days ago and couldn’t claim it. Didn't know how to contact you either:( waiting for a sale on switch but it seems pretty rare. 

ditto to what ifo said! I just had to come back here after finishing it to comment on it! the rhymes are so charming, the glimpses into her life and her troubles are so compelling. the ending made me sad because of what was lost, but I really like the ambiguity given towards the future, and the implicit statement of moving on in life.
thank you so much for making it free during these times.