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First butler push with Error

A topic by INK KIT created Apr 07, 2017 Views: 664 Replies: 3
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Hi There

I'm trying to make the first push via butler, but I'm getting that error:
"butler: error: unexpected inkkit/deru:windows-beta"

Seems like the channel or game isn't recognized?!

My command looks like this:
"butler push C:\Game Design\\DERU\ inkkit/deru:windows-beta"

Do I have to setup something specific with my account or game?
(The game is not published yet)



You need to put double quotes around the "C:\Game Design\\DERU\" part, since it contains spaces.

Also, you can upload a folder directly no need to zip it first!

Aaaahhh... right! Them spaces... though it had to be something wried... thx so much! :D

Another question, so I have a folder DERU_beta_win, I push it with an exe Deru_beta_0.54.exe. What if I replace the content of the folder with for example Deru_beta_0.55.exe. Will butler make a diff?


It will attempt to make a diff, but .exes often don't diff well

If your game is a single executable, chances are it contains data compressed bundled within there - and compressed data doesn't diff well.

If you can, store your data uncompressed next to your .exe for optimal diffs :)