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An open-world exploration game where you are a taxi-driver in space. · By mosgrom

End Game Goal ideas and daily challenges ideas

A topic by Daza created Mar 19, 2020 Views: 264 Replies: 3
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Rather turn make my feedback thread into a novel, i thought i would post other suggestions ideas in another thread. Maybe one new or two ideas at a time so the thread can stay rather focused.

So these ideas would be last features to add to the game of course. But often some games have a problem of getting wealthy, reaching max level and completing the main story line etc and then there is nothing to do (seen everything) and just left with the gameloop of the game. I guess i suppose even with engaging end game content you will still come to the end.

Idea 1# Player can eventually start their own taxinaut company (might already be planned?) this could be very much like Eurotruck Sim 2 where you can buy garages at different cities, upgrade them buy trucks and hire drivers and they go looking for jobs themselves and level up and earn more money. The player by this point would have explored a lot of systems and perhaps have found where they can buy cheaper taxicab stations or depots- however maybe some are cheaper because its in a hostile system or light of policing which means likelihood of your cabs getting damaged or clients doing a runner. It would be great if you were be able to design the look of the taxicab, abit like lego but with shapes and being able to change colors of the shapes. They could have number on top denoting cab number. And it would be immersive if you from time to time see them fly past you if you are in the system they work in. Something which ETS2 does not have unfortunately.  So this company can be managed from the UI and pretty much run itself once you hire drivers, possible hire a manager who takes care of repairing/maintenance fees company taxis and possibly bringing to your attention some cabbies who have crashed or damaged their cab too many times and ask if you want to fire them (or you could preset to auto-fire any driver who damages a cab over 50%) sometimes it might not be their fault and you could be firing a good cabbie. A good cabbie could get more fares in a shift. 

Idea 2# Daily Challenges and End Game Challenges

1) Not new ideas here as well. But since the game is SP having a leaderboard of top cabbies (i think i havent already suggested this?) there could be different filters for different leaderboards, so the player can choose to focus on one such as most fares, most distance traveled, all round score etc.

2) End Game or short game Challenge

These could be preset or semi-dynamic; such as complete x amount of fares on hostile planets and complete the X challenge 100% and no fees over 10K. This is just a basic example of what i mean, im sure the dev could think of better ones. This could also be for a short game challenge. Like you are a casual player and would like to reach a goal within a week or over 10 hours of play etc. It wont mean the game ends but you have completed your goal. The player then could do another one, so in a sense these are like side quests. If they all are handmade then some of these could connect to official side missions out there. This idea for end game goals could give replay value if player wants to restart from scratch. Or they can restart with a bonus eg. retain all their contacts and cab- but start with little cash- much like some games where you complete the game but you keep your gear from completing the game and get to play it again on a harder level with you gear)

3) Daily Challenges 

Pretty much what (2) is but in shorter time span of 1 day, this could have its own leaderboard and players who are bored or what something to do if they have completed most of the objectives or wants a challenge can do the daily challenge. Ideally this would be procedural or dynamic challenges so they are always different in terms of where, limits and objective. But also interesting, perhaps some ideas from the community could help shape this. Also there might be a gap between new players and those who have a game going with many systems explored and lots of cash, so the challenges have to be in the middle i guess, unless you have 2 challenges a day- one for experienced/advanced game save (for the lack of better wording) and new players or not far into the game. Perhaps the easier challenge could work into the tutorial initially to help them branch out a bit.

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The whole thing about the cab-companies etc. I have thought about that many times but I really don't want TAXINAUT to become like a lot of other games in that respect. My focus is squarely on the exploration aspect. (I think for example that No Mans Sky is making a mistake with all that base-building stuff). My idea is that you will always stay a simple cab-driver. You're not going to build and manage an empire. I think that aspect is pretty bland and inconsequential in Euro-truck sim to be honest. I don't play it for that. I want TAXINAUT to be a game where you can keep exploring for a long time while your knowledge and access to special places, people and items that make things easier will grow. In a way the whole taxi thing is just a backdrop for what is essentially a space exploration game but with a more grimy angle (not a glamorous captain of a starship but a sweaty cabby).

I like the leaderboard thing. I already (if players have agreed to it) a way of collecting that kind of information (e.g. how many fares you've completed). I'm not happy with my web-hosting at the moment...there's a bit to sort out there if I was going to publish stats like that on a webpage, but I like that idea, I might make it so it's shown in the game itself (so it collects this information from the web) (maybe that's what you meant).

There is already a sort of challenge thing in the game (and I'm planning to make more). There are items (more like medals) that you can get that indicate certain achievements. They are more woven into a story thing however. I don't really want to give it away. I suppose I could expand upon these and make a lot more of them. There's also achievements you can see these on the character-screen (when you click on your portrait) however there are only a few at the moment (e.g. you get one when you reach the baco-plant).

I really enjoy your comments & ideas Daza. I hope you're getting some enjoyment out of the game despite that it still needs a lot of work.

Hey thanks a lot! To show my gratitude: would you like it if I made a possible passenger of you in the game. I will call them Daza and if you want you can send me an image of yourself or something else and I will make a portrait out of it. You can also send me a conversation tree if you want. Like a little bit of dialog that you have. I'll be happy to put that in. I can clear the portrait with you before I put it in. (If you don't like this, that's fine, I'm not offended or anything, you know...)

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The leaderboard idea was for ingame viewing yes.  Perhaps you could have stat sharing in the settings by default off, but mentioned somewhere (or even on the leaderboard or stats/profile page) if the players would like to see/compare to others, toggle that option on in settings.

Fair enough on the taxi-cab business idea, this idea was more of a casual thing- rather than a empire building idea. Extra flow of money coming in. But yeah some ideas need the chop if it doesn't fit the vision. I do recall you saying something a long the lines of you wish Stellaris had more exploration? i agree, the combat side of it i'm not really into because its all about in the end attrition and becomes like a board game of risk. The discoveries parts was what interested me most. Although you can fiddle with the settings and have no Ai opponents i think. But one aspect of discovering things often it will be something you have seen before or/and reuse of the same images. I think some discoveries about ancient alien races was suppose to slowly unravel as you learn more about it. But i think it can be difficult to come up with ideas of what doesn't sound the same everywhere, in the end its all linked into technology you discover and unlock new tech, rather than about other things as well.  And you cant really relate to alien races, not like ancient findings history in the real world.  Where learning about how they lived in relation today is interesting.  I agree with No Mans Sky, i am still waiting for an exploration update, there is a modder called RayRod who has really opened the game up in this area, way more biomes and weirdness which im surprised Hello Games haven't hired him, top work. But that is what the game needs. The landmass looks better and more varied than before, still needs more variation in plants and animals. 

Anyway i was inspired by Stellaris to make a Text Adventure for a game jam last year and managed to make it to the finish line. Although the game is more like a demo

I recently inspired by your game to started a new one from scratch that is actually more straight forward in the building blocks of it compared to the gamejam version. I use a text adventure creator (called Adrift) which is mostly drop down creator but can handle expressions and is object based in terms of properties etc. Its very robust and it does have its quirks like any program.  This time round rather than being about salvaging its space trucking which is a idea i had ages ago when i played a lot of ATS or ETS2. However text adventures are rather different than a game like yours in terms of movement, so i have some ideas to make it a bit more interesting than moving about like on board, although it will have some board-game like mechanics. The Salvage game was hastily put together over two weeks and a bit of a mess under the hood. But I learned quite a bit from that so this time it will be better, more organised. I have some other text adventure games in development too. 

Anyway as for your suggestion about having me as a NPC passenger that sounds great. I think i can PM you on here? Daza would be fine for the name and i will come up with something for a basic short conversation. 

You bring up some interesting points about exploration. I struggle with it for taxinaut as well. But I hope by keeping the focus smaller (e.g. you generally don't discover unknown empires/races but instead some sleezy joint where they traffic clones) that I don't build a world that's too big/epic in scope to do anything with. (I think Star Wars shows this as well: It looks like it's a rich world you could do a whole lot with but it's really quite limited in a way (The more successful spin-offs like the mandelorian go smaller instead of bigger with the story scope).

I looked at your game-page it looks like something I would like to play if it was fleshed out. I would definitely stick with it.

I have some text based projects lying around myself but I'm commited to TAXINAUT now. In one of those projects a sense of travel was added by making it take time to reach a place and places would be hierarchical (like a directory structure). Each place is still a room with points you can travel to but each point would have a name and a travel-time on it. Travelling would also reveal other travel points in the same's a bit of typing to explain the full system here but it worked pretty well and gave a better sense of place then the normal big cluster of rooms way of doing this. For example: your location would be something like:

Forgotten lands/Emerald forest/High Eldor/Market square/Pan's House

While in "Pan's House" you can see the travel-points in there (e.g. bed-room, kitchen, storage-room). These will take a few seconds of travel time. You can exit Pan's house and be back in the market-square which shows travel-points (Pan's House, Jobe's House, Abe's Jewelry, etc.) and these will take maybe a minute of travel-time (not real time of course). I should have used a sci-fi/space example instead of a fantasy-rpg but you probably get the drift (e.g. Oberon Sector/Antares B/Alderan/Keppler's Moon/Orbit).

You can just send me your ideas for your character by email ( or (I saw you followed me on twitter) maybe through twitter direct-message. I don't think itch has direct messaging.