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Imports possible?

A topic by WaffuruSenpai created 9 days ago Views: 94 Replies: 1
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First, awesome tool! I've got a few DnD groups that are using this to generate towns, and it's awesome to be able to make something on demand, and make modifications as required.

I've saved a town I like as all the export formats available. Is there any way that we could have an import for the svg or json data? It'd be nice to bring a town back in and work with it



Currently it's not possible to save and load a city. Exported JSON's can be used to view a city in City Viewer, SVG's - to edit (as an image) and print  in high resolution. The closest thing to saving and restoring a city is copying and pasting URL in the non-itch version of MFCG.  But "manual" changes (warping, renamed districts) are not stored in URL.