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Server API for "Most recent purchase"?

A topic by ShaunJS created Apr 05, 2017 Views: 230 Replies: 3
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Hello! I often livestream game development and viewers have asked if they could make donations but I'd always rather they just purchase my games if they want to support my work. (Especially since a PWYW model is the same cost model to the viewer and they get a game out of it!)

With donation systems it's fairly easy to hook these directly into your stream overlay or chat in the form of a notification bot or similar, but with itch's server API (as far as I can tell) I can only check the purchase of a specific user for a specific game.

What would be awesome is to be able to get the most recent purchase data for a game I've created to let me thank people for buying my games live.

I don't know if there are big issues with this I haven't thought through or if it has been suggested before, or there's a better way of doing this I haven't thought of, but yeah.

What think?




Hey, sorry about missing this topic. We can add something. What kind of information are you looking to show when the purchase happens? Generally doesn't don't expect their information to be published when they purchase a game, so keep that in mind.

Yeah, I can see how that's a tough thing to navigate without having them explicitly tick a box somewhere. Perhaps not thought that one through.

But without revealing any personal details just being able to grab the time, product and amount (for pwyw titles) would be ace.