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A topic by Saikotic created Mar 14, 2020 Views: 960 Replies: 6
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Okay after paying $20 (which is a lot considering the economy right now), I tried to get help about my game resetting back to the unpaid version. The only way to fix this is by reinstalling the app with the version i paid for, but then a day or two later i end up having to repeat the same process when it happens all over  again. I have it installed on my LG G7 and yes it's the correct version.  

This is a little frustrating since I cannot unlock any extra content at all without having other routes completed first. Unfortunately, I'm stuck renewing the game without any of my prior saved data after each route is completed. 

However it's been a while now and I still haven't heard anything back about this. I tried emailing you guys, but still no response. Not even an update reassuring me that the issue hasn't been just brushed off or that it's being worked on. This is the first game I've ever tried from this developer. I don't want to lose my trust with you guys, but right now you're not giving me any reason not to. I wouldn't normally complain but come on....twenty bucks doesn't just rain from the sky, as much as that would be nice. I've noticed that a lot of posts are not getting answered. Again, I want to trust you guys and I'm sure others do too. That's why I'm hoping everyone is not just being ignored because they've already  paid, but instead that there's a logical reason why we're not getting responses. So please respond soon, even if the issue is not resolved. If nothing else, some honest reassurance would even be appreciated.



We've been working on the demo reset bug. Does your save data get corrupted as well?

No but after completing a route I can't start another without completely reinstalling the game which erases all my previous data.

Sorry for the delayed response, had a lot going on here at home recently.

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I was just coming here to ask about this myself. I get 58-62% of the game completed and then it resets to demo. I have to uninstall/reinstall to play again, but i have to start completely over. Very frustrating, done this 4 times now.

Absolutely love the game, just not the idea that there is no chance of completing it.

Is there a file where the progress is saved, that I can copy before have to reinstall? That would make it a bit easier.

I think I am having this same problem. I purchased through, but I'm seeing the demo version, when I try to play. 

So, I had this same problem, and then realised it was because my play store was automatically updating apps. As soon as I stopped that, the game stopped updating the demo, and the problem didn't come back. So go to your play store settings and stop it from automatically applying updates. It's a bummer, but right now what's happening is that the demo is overriding your full version every time it updates through the play store.
Hope this helps :)