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努力を続けてください、私は信じています...! 申し訳ありませんが、私はまさにこれと同じ苦しみを味わったことがあります。他の人にも私と同じ苦しみを味わってほしくありません。 肩が長い間痛かったのですが、処方された薬は悪化させるばかりでした。その薬は私の胃を傷めました。そして 1 か月後には右足が麻痺しました。彼らは「胸椎の巨細胞腫」を発見しました。 体の声に耳を傾けてください。私たちは誰よりも自分の体のことをよく知っています! 🥺

This was really cute and pretty hot at the same time. Nice work ^^

Interesting.... 🤔

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WOW. I love it, this is amazing and quite hot. Bravo! 💙

I thouroughly enjoyed this, thank you for making it ^_^ and their right   it works well on mobile. :D

It's Joe Biden, mind your typos. 

Anyways this problem you speak of has been an issue for years. A lot longer than any of the recent guys were in office. I don't think Biden would be the one president to suddenly talk like that, and if he did it would be both hilarious and concerning.


Im excited, i hope it will be ready soon! (≧▽≦)

Hell yes. :) when will this be available? Count me in.

thank you! <3


I bet she would be so proud of you...I truly hope he afterlife is everything she hoped it to be. Thank you so much for sharing your story and memories of her, and you have my sympathy. I bet your incredible friendship is the best gift you have given her, because nothing in the world could ever compare.


Grammar is really not that difficult.

thank you! I will reach out soon. ^_^

Would you happen to have a Discord channel i could join, please? I'd love to talk with other fans of your work and/or get more of your insight on some things. Q.Q

I want to have my mom play this lol I love it.

Interesting at the very least. I 'm going to end up obsessively thinking over everything I just read.

WTF after playing the game I just subconsciously tapped the text in the description because it was red like the game choices... 

I like the game so far, so great job nonetheless

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Neat game, but there are plenty like it, unfortunately. Great job on it though ^_^


Hmm. I' m so used to playing games with gender choices, i'm not sure how to feel about this one. It was a good start though.  I'm sorry 😕

yes, this was becoming quite interesting, please finish it? Q.Q

Yeah no problem, I gave my email on there in case you need it again it's or Hope to hear from your soon. ^_^

I left a message in your recent post, do you still need voice actors? You can reach me on my discord in case you do - Saikotic#8373. Or my email

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I'm willing to give it a shot of you'd like. I'm not a professional but i've been told I have the voice for it. And if it doesn't work out then that's okay. Would you like my discord ID or some other contact info?

That's awesome! I play too ^_^ don't be afraid to say hello if you ever stop by Maduin, my character is Azrael Helfyre. That goes for everyone else who plays too 🙂

Really??? ⭐ then I look forward to it! Thank you so much ✨

😟 But I'm broke .....

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Kevin: ಠ_ಠ

I absolutely love the concept, consider me a dedicated fan. I was wanting to write something that had a slightly similar concept but I have zero motivation to do something like this, no coding knowledge, and even less talent for it ☹️ i'm glad someone out there shares the idea but actually has the skill and ambition to make it happen. 💫 Thank you so much for making this! 

:( can I get an invite too please?

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That last page made me doubt what the current date was.

Me after staring at it for three minutes:

I can't imagine how difficult it must be putting all this together with only a handful of help, but you've done and amazing job with it. Thank you so much for making this, I mean that. I just hope you're not stressing yourself out too much. You have my word, I have plans to give your hard work support on patreon as soon as my broke ass has the money to do so. Stay awesome! 

I think I spent more time trying to play beat-the-clock and read everything to understand the backstory than necessary, so much that it distracted me from being scared....The plot or mystery is usually what makes up a huge majority of the creepy factor. I'm sorry. Q.Q I like it if the text gets glitchy, but when it vanishes the second it appears before I can even read three words from it, it leaves zero mystery and instead a ton of confusion. It really wasn't the feeling I was expecting to get from this....and it really did look so promising. Am I doing something wrong....? Or is it supposed to be this way?

This was really awesome, Thank you for making it!

I just wanted to this project cancelled? Or are you doing alright? I admit, I was really hoping to read more. Q.Q  Hope to hear back soon, Thank you!

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Death has no idea how heirs work....

Death: I will need to kill you (your soul), and take over your empty shell of a body.

...........(Ah, I see. This must be his attempt at a dad joke.) Haha, I get it dad, "Death Roe". You're hilarious. 

But really, no fuck off it's mine. 

Thanks so much for making this!