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Kind mentor, you are my hero. I had such a hard time understanding  Twine's mechanics, and this is exactly what I needed. Thank you so much!  

I haven't even made it past the first part yet i'm already a fan. That quote on the first page is from one of my favorite songs. Brb, I shall return once i've read the rest. XD

I'm on my second playthrough and made only a small amount of progress. Like others here in the comment section, I can't figure out the coordinates. I'm gonna have to give up, sadly. Good luck to anyone else who plays this. It was still fun. ^_^

Now that I think about it, I completely forgot to mention The Brighter the Dawn. So thank you, I'm glad you listed it. ^_^

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I'm actually working on a story as well.  I'll be sure to post it once I get the first two chapters done. Highly doubt it will be even nearly as good as the ones in any of these lists though, but I'll let you guys be the judge of that. 

Awesome, thank you! ^_^

I'm glad you like them XD

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This is a list of text-based games with character customization that I've tried so far and that I find worth recommending, most of them (if not all) created through Twine. I wanted to provide this since I have been asked by a few people regarding any games I know of like this. I plan to include more titles in this list as I find them. If you have any questions or spot anything that needs correcting, feel free to let me know.

Remember; everyone's opinion is different. The titles listed here are ones I personally enjoy since they are really well written with immersive content. I have yet to have found a complete Twine story, however, the ones listed in the following are ongoing works in progress and they do have quite a bit already released until then. Hope this list helps. ^_^

P.S.  I welcome any opinions on any of the stories you decide to try, or even if you have suggestions of your own. 


Deliverance -

The Phoenix Knight -

Deity's Gift -

From Within -

City of Immortals -

Project Hadea -

Water to Blood -

Superstition (1) -

Superstition (2) -

Life of a Savior -

Night of Nights -

Sea of Graves -

Scout -

Regrets of the Traitor -

Bad Ritual -

The Chosen One -

Snakeroot -

A Tale of Crowns -

Insight -

Eight Years Revolution -

Speaker -

Inner Demons -

Exiled from the Court -

Waybinder -

A Sky of Stars Scarlet Dusk -

Crimson Rose and White Lily -

Vardir -

The Woods Hungers -

Eye of the Moon -

Red Sugar Society -

Buried Love -

Out of the Blue -

The Ballad of Devil's Creek -

Dark Spirited -

Entropy -

Wall -

Whisper in the Dark -

Vogvhathos -

Ballad of the Judgement Night -

The Nameless -

Times Legacy -

The Masked Defenders -

Swallow the Dark -

---New additions to the list---

Crosshollow Foundations -

Not Another Advent Story -

Eden -

Ascendance -

The Overtaken -

By the way, I hope it's alright to include this story on a list of recommendations I'm creating. It's really well done, so I wanted to mention it. ^_^ 

Ahaha, it's reasons like this why we hired Elix then. Not that I'm...y'know...afraid of moose-spiders or anything, she's just better at showing them what for. :P

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No why??? It ended so soon....I really hope to see more. It looks like an awesome start!

You're killin' me, smalls.... Q.Q I can't wait to see more of this, epic work so far! By the way, that last page about the screaming; calling it now, bet they found an arachnid the size of a moose. (Kidding). XD

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"I don't have a cell phone, Oh God!


Maybe you should throw up

An old woman in bathtub

Let me know how you are

Never tell a lie

Five dollars!

Just like to look at it."

This is going into the card I'm giving my husband for our anniversary. 

You need a nap, you sadist.

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I love it! This is fantastic work so far. ^_^

Worth it, especially when he gets off. 

I honestly thought would be like a riddle I heard once about escaping the room but with a different solution: You look at your reflection on the knife to see what you saw. You take the "saw" and cut the table in two with it. Two halves make a whole. Take the "w" from "whole" to make a hole. You and the man escape from the room through the hole. 

But no. Instead, I'm now I'm stuck here with a stranger who thinks I'm crazy as I argue with a stubborn knife about its political views. Its opinion on taxes is absurd, by the way.

It's an amazing idea, though it would be great to have a practice or tutorial feature for players to try before going public. Nonetheless, it's awesome, I'll recommend it to others for sure. The more the merrier. ^_^

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That is so strange on how accurate this was; when I used my name and my husband's name it said we are married. XD

I really like this, please tell me you plan to continue it..... Q.Q

???........I was sort of finding it hard to follow.

Nice. This is awesome, thank you so much for making this game ^_^

Both links for the windows x64 version seem to be broken.... :( Please help


This is amazing, I love it so far!

I like this, its a little relaxing. After a while, I ran out of stuff to do so I decided to bathe until I smelled like peaches, grabbed a peach drink and peach food, wore a peach dress and wished for a peach tree (at the price of a tree hug). Lol, it was great, thank you for making it. Felt like a good zen game. 

P.S. The oracle cards and notebook were interesting as well. Certainly gave me a think with each one. 

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Looks like i will be at this all day then. 🤔 I think I may have gotten the bad ending first

This was rather interesting. I like it, but how many endings are there?

Nice, I really liked this. Thanks for making it ^_^ 

This was adorable, I love it. The end results i got was so accurate, it was awesome.  Thanks for making this!

:D Finally!!! Okay so I've had this one idea for a while now, it's called Red Rover 2: WWE Challenge, now here me out...

........What the fuck? 

No entertaining plot, and the objective is to waste as much electric power as you possibly can. If you win, your name gets displayed to everyone else who's doing the same thing. :/ 

No...*sulks* I really like this. But I'm worried it will never be finished...there are so many twine stories that have sudden brick walls and have been that way for a while now. Q.Q


Over the past six plus hours, I've drawn an entire map (and by now can even navigate it better than my own house), thought over each and every bit of dialogue to make sure i wasn't missing any clues, talked to grass, talked to fences, (because sanity is overrated) tried to attack a robot pigeon, insulted the game and was immediately thrown off when it insulted me back, talked to each tree (and learned their ways, now they have accepted me among their kind)....(my sanity: 3%),  Insulted the game a second time and it froze on me because of the hours of dialogue cached when it retaliated. (It laughs at me). Started game up and went through everything AGAIN after I had been playing this for six hours. Just a moment ago it came to this:

*decides to put an and to this by climbing the fence to hop into void only for my character self to think better of it and climb back down* 


*sighs* Needless to say, I am now taking a 'put-myself-in-check' break because I am stuck at a dead end and must take a second to think over options I haven't tried yet.  That are anything BUT the 'exit' command because 



Mark my words, I will not be giving up just yet. (But I am starting to think my IQ is a little too inferior for this nonsense, I swear...) 

Ah well. I never learn my lesson anyways with anything. Lol Still, its am amazing game. This is an awesome way to kill time, especially since I'm a sucker for surreal games like this. Thank you so much for making it!

This was exactly what I was looking for when trying to find surreal games, too bad it seemed so short. Nonetheless, I really enjoyed playing this game, so bravo! ^_^

So I found a good one. Look up Wayfarers. Although it's not finished, its still quite lengthy and really good.

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This is amazing! Thank you for making it ^_^  I'm eager to see the next part, but I can be patient. No doubt this was a lot of hard work!

What?! Noooo! No 'To be continued', can I have one more chapter please??? Q.Q

*sighs* alright fine, i'll be patient. I just really like this. To sum it up, aside from a few grammar mistakes, You did an amazing job. ^_^ I hope to see more soon!

Can't stay i do yet but i'm still on a mission for one. I'll let you know once I find any.