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Good game, a bit slow

A topic by u065430 created Mar 12, 2020 Views: 121 Replies: 1
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This is a very good game, like Stardew Valley. It is a bit slow, if you can speed it up I think you could sell it without problems.  


Hello, thanks for posting, I’m glad you like it (despite the slowness). The version you downloaded has a bug in it that I found yesterday which is probably taxing your CPU in a fairly significant way. I’m trying to get a new version out, hopefully today, that will remedy it. If that still doesn’t fix it I have further changes I’d like to make, just haven’t gotten around to making them yet.

If you don’t mind, could you tell me the specs for your computer? More accurately do you know how much RAM you have? And what type of processor and graphics card you are running? I’d prefer to make this game run well even on as many systems as possible so it helps to have any relevant information regarding specs and what can run it currently and what can’t.

Thanks again for playing, with any luck it’ll be running smoother soon.