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Very good game. Like Dwarf Fortress but with a real UI. If I can suggest, I have some ideas:

- crops and apples way too much quick to grow. After 4 days I had 5k of wheat. (1)
- no infinite seeds. I think is better 1 wheat = 10 seeds (or so). After 4 days I had 5k of wheat. (2)
- less apples, but more vegetables (potatoes, beans, tomatoes).

- copper for electricity


Anyway the game is very fun.

Hi, good news. Now the game is running smooth. All I have done is a good old restart. Don't ask me why now is running. Thanks.

I bought the game, but when it start I see only a blue screen, with some UI. How can I play?
I tried many resolution and settings. No luck.

CDDA is one of my preferred games!

Yes, of course.  A new release is  coming...

Your download contain (zipped) the setup file. Unzip it and execute setup.exe (windows only).