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Beans Inc

First person restaurant Tycoon · By vandijkstef

Game Review

A topic by Macegalaxy created Apr 01, 2017 Views: 245 Replies: 2
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Hi, I recently played your game and I'd like to see it develop better in the future. I noticed that some customers doesnt move once they take their order to the table and the food is just untouched, and this happens after you get 2 stars for some reason. And it seems that the game stops there like there are not much customers coming in the shop and I dont't know if the locked room is accessible. I've been patient with the game and waited for the days to pass and seems nothing happen afterwards.


Can confirm it's a bug, and I haven't been able to pin the reason for it. I'm really sorry :(

i think the bug is caused because after you pick up the customers used plate, the game still "thinks" its there and that makes the next customers plate float above the table, which means that customer never made it to their destination and therefore they cant eat the food yet, which is why they don't leave.