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Survive the Zombies - 3D RTS / Survival game

A topic by Wabby's Land created 27 days ago Views: 76 Replies: 3
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Hello there,

I would like to share with you the last features added in the game !

Try the demo for free : Survive the Zombies

Alpha 2 (03/30/2017)

  • Explosive : make zombies flying away ! More details in the player guide, inside game
  • Option menu : you can set some first visuals options (smooth camera movements/shadow) depending on your system performance
  • Group and Horde of Z (from 5 to 15 zombies randomly spawned at a time).
  • Debugging and difficulties adjustments
  • Restrictions are fully operational : In the hard and expert levels you can't build/repair or collect wood during the night. In the expert level you can't repair your constructions (buildings and traps)
  • Natural needs are fully operational too (Sleeping, eating and healing) : that means you have to build a shelter, an infirmary and a canteen as soon as possible otherwise your survivors will die and... become new zombies

Alpha 1 (03/21/2017)

Now, your explorers can use a vehicle to move faster and safer :-)

Read more about the development on wabbysland.com

Alpha 3 in Progress :

Adding an ambient occlusion option. The difference is subtle, but it adds a nice effect in game, I guess :-)

Alpha 3 In Progress : Making some script optimisation and adding some graphic improvements like Soft shadows and Ambient Occlusion.


That looks really bloody amazing :D

Love the trees! And I know it's supposed to be a camp to ward off zombies, but it looks quite cozy hehe.