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Survive the Zombies - 3D RTS / Survival game

A topic by Wabby's Land created Mar 30, 2017 Views: 744 Replies: 4
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Hello there,

I would like to share with you the last features added in the game !

Try the demo for free : Survive the Zombies

Alpha 2 (03/30/2017)

  • Explosive : make zombies flying away ! More details in the player guide, inside game
  • Option menu : you can set some first visuals options (smooth camera movements/shadow) depending on your system performance
  • Group and Horde of Z (from 5 to 15 zombies randomly spawned at a time).
  • Debugging and difficulties adjustments
  • Restrictions are fully operational : In the hard and expert levels you can't build/repair or collect wood during the night. In the expert level you can't repair your constructions (buildings and traps)
  • Natural needs are fully operational too (Sleeping, eating and healing) : that means you have to build a shelter, an infirmary and a canteen as soon as possible otherwise your survivors will die and... become new zombies

Alpha 1 (03/21/2017)

Now, your explorers can use a vehicle to move faster and safer :-)

Read more about the development on

Alpha 3 in Progress :

Adding an ambient occlusion option. The difference is subtle, but it adds a nice effect in game, I guess :-)

Alpha 3 In Progress : Making some script optimisation and adding some graphic improvements like Soft shadows and Ambient Occlusion.


That looks really bloody amazing :D

Love the trees! And I know it's supposed to be a camp to ward off zombies, but it looks quite cozy hehe.

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Alpha 4 is released

This new version brings a lot of improvements and the game becomes more difficult and funny at the same time!

What's new in Alpha 4

  • New traps added : Hole trapped and the big hammer !
  • New survivor behaviors : digger and hammer user
  • Random music player with 3 different tracks (you can put your own Mp3 files if you want)
  • New procedure for the Zombies generation
  • New game > Level select system simplified with only 3 modes : Normal, Hard and Expert

And many more bug fixes, improvements and adjustments for the User Interface and the gameplay.

Concerning the free demo version

You can play forever and with all the features of the game except :

  • Each session is limited to the first day in the game
  • Hard and Expert levels are locked
  • You only have one charge of explosive
  • That's all !

Try the demo for free : Survive the Zombies

Coming next

Working on a statistics system about your survivors (concerning their needs) and adding some last fun surprises.

The next Alpha 5 version will be the last before the final release of the game (end of May 2017).