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Eatvolve is a playful eat-em-up evolution game. · By papadar

hey i loved this game and idea.

A topic by TheScrawlHive. created Mar 28, 2017 Views: 350 Replies: 22
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hey im a game creator to and LOVE pixel art and i was thinking if you needed help or ideas about your game i could help. or even work side by side on it :) just a though


Hey Max thanks!
I Have a big todo list of things i want to fix and add to the game but i'm open to suggestions!

sounds good man hey i have some suggestions but i was wondering what program do u use?


Coolers! what's your best suggestion? 😎

i'm learning to program in Gamemaker 1.99
Sublime Text for text editing,
Tiled open source editor for level pieces
Photoshop for art & animation

would like to have more body types, but each one adds so many combination sprites! eek
so the wings, shell, horns style things are much easier to do

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well if body types are too hard then how about the eggs. cuz i have played the game and im unlocking all the eggs types but i was thinking mabye the goal of this game is to evolve and pick a species and populate the land with your animal? Also you cud add giant lizards and preditors that could like pick up and carry other animals away!? XD

other suggestions

:a huge boss that lives in a cave and if you kill him you get some cool upgrades.

: able to shoot when your the red crab guy instead of moving fast

: if you can other body types and fixing some of the body glichs :)

;nests were you lay eggs but you have to bring a mate there or be a high level or somthing



Hey thanks for the suggestions!
some of these i am already planning to do, but I Like them all :D
adding some more depth to the breeding would be good

thanks. :) if you dont mind me asking what were the things you were planing to do? the boss?


Definitely need a boss or two,
I re-enabled shooting but it needs work

I do have a couple other body types planned, lizards are one of them!

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Sweet. hey for the lizards you cud give them a tongue that shoots out and pulls pray into it.

i played the game and there are a lot of glichs like i jumped on one of the flying cat things and half killed it but it was still flying

and i think you sould shoot only when your full crab. cuz i was pretty confuseled when i saw i cud shoot and i was half frog


Planning to do wall climbing for lizards! will see how it turns out
yeah the shooting needs work! thanks for your thoughts!.
& Thanks for the glitch report ! i'll fix that one for next release

nice wall climbing is a cool idea. i was just thinking a boss if you dont have one could be a snake. and if you kill it you get like fangs or somthing

hey dude i could not find out how to get to you but ill just do it here i want to say your doing awsome at this game and i had a though... HOW ABOUT WATER ANIMALS


cannot confirm or deny 😱

Lol well it was just a thought but yah well done on the game


I'm struggling to think of anything else you could carry on your back like a shell,
Planning to have a few different type of shell / wings / horns / tails
but it would be cool to have a different type of thing on your back.. ?

huummmmmmmum here are a few.

New ideas

:Spikes. if monster falls on you they die.

:Crystals. you leave a trail of smaller crystals were ever you go. or you can hide and look like a rock or somthing.

:Carryers. carry your young

:Two Big arms that walk on knuckles or clawed hands and attack or climb.

(Types of Shells,Wings,Horns,Tail)

(1) Turtle shell you can hide in it

(2) Dragon/Bat wings

(3) A saw blade type horn that dose damage constantly Or cut down trees to get to the next biome.

(4) A tail that you can hang from the roof.

(5) Or fangs that splash poison or just like clip off vines


and thanks for telling me about your program. i use Construct 2

is there a spritesheet i can find somewhere for eatvolve? i want to make my own sprites.


here is my base set of animations;
48x48  sprite
4 frame idle
8 frame movement, first frame is also used as 'land'
2 frame jump
2 frame glide straight
2 frame glide down
2 frame fall
1 frame dead
there is also 3 frames after this for stunned creatures, and the crab and beetle have different anims for shooting & charging
i'm going to have shuffle the frames around once i get the lizards wall climbing working