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Only REAL submissions please (developed DURING the challenge, roguelike/roguelites) Sticky

A topic by Slashie created Feb 28, 2020 Views: 514 Replies: 6
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The rules are there, but at least make sure that:

1. You created your game within the challenge timeframe.

2. Your game has roguelike elements.

The challenge has barely started and we already have two submissions which are clearly not made in less than 1 day. As organizers we'll keep an eye on this and remove offending entries.

Hi Slashie, 

I've finished my game (Broken Signal) and uploaded it here:

I was wondering, how do I mark it as part of the 7DRL?

Or is that something that you admin guys do?

Cheers!  All the best.  

I had a lot of fun turning my old FPS prototype into a procedural generation / permadeath game for this challenge!  

And now it's time for bed!  :D

- Murray


Hi Murray!

Just Join the Jam at the main page at, then a "Submit your Game" button will appear 

I finished with minutes to spare, but the zip I uploaded doesn't work in the project page (gives a really weird error from the library I'm using, so I have no idea how to fix that), so all I can do is point to my own webserver where it's hosted:

I hope that still counts as finished and complete?


It's ok, you can just have a page, pointing to the external website and with a note about it. Try fixing it tho, contact them, they are helpful :)

I changed the game file in the project page to do just that now and made the project publicly visible, but I don't think it ever got added to the 7DRL submission list, even though I created the project page yesterday before the deadline by clicking on the submit button on the main jam page? At least I'm not seeing it in the list of submissions. It should be

Maybe you didn't finish the submission, email me and we can sort it out... slash at slashware dot net