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Light's Z coordinate in "Export sprite..." does not work Locked

A topic by Scony created 36 days ago Views: 67 Replies: 5
This topic was locked by Kenney 10 days ago
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As in title. Should be easy to fix I hope.

I use  2.0 preview-1b

Thanks for reporting this! This isn't a bug however, in most cases the Z axis won't change anything as the light revolves around itself.

Could you elaborate? My understanding of those xyz coords is that they are a position of light in 3D space. So in that case (as Y is height) Z does matter. Is my understanding wrong?

Yep, it's not the position of the light that changes but the rotation. It's a directional light, where the position in the scene has no influence on the visuals.

ohhh... that X Y Z labels on top misled me. Thanks for help!

locked this topic