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A topic by fasterfasterfaster created Feb 25, 2020 Views: 423 Replies: 5
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Is it a requirement to write the game in Unity or any other game engine? Or can you write it in C/C++/java/etc.?


My entry last year was written in Python using only a graphics library (pygame). There aren't any restrictions on what tools you use.


I'm probably using Love2d or Pico-8. The code between the 2 is very easy to port back and forth (same language - Lua). For anyone interested, I made a simple compact sprite manager function for Love2d that works the same as it does in Pico-8.


Something I saw recently for this workflow: you can insta-port PICO-8 code to standard Lua code by wrapping printh[=[ ...]=] around your entire source. This will convert PICO-8's !=, +=, if one-liners, etc. back to Lua, for use in things like Love.


Hey. That's awesome! Thank you for posting the link. :)

You can work in any language.