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Does it have to be turned based

A topic by Drywall0 created Feb 25, 2020 Views: 335 Replies: 2
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Im new to Rougelikes and was wondering if it had to be a turnbased game for it to qualify as a Rougelike.

There are a number of requirements for something to be truly "roguelike," which are generally something along the following lines:

- Turn-based

- Grid-based

- Procedural generation

- Permadeath

There are a few others that are less consistent among lists, but can include the requirement of being a dungeon crawler or subtleties of movement, items, or combat, but this short list stays pretty consistent.

That being said, this jam has no hard requirements on what you make. There are many incredible "rogue-lites" that meet only some of these requirements, like Enter the Gungeon (not tile-based or turn-based).

Hope that helps!

Entries to the 7DRL challenge don't have to be turn based.