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[Sound] Looking for VOLUNTEER voice actors!

A topic by Landwii created Mar 22, 2017 Views: 660 Replies: 3
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Hello! My name is Smashed Tomatoes, known otherwise as Landwii cause I was a copyright god.

I am a guy who has a problem with making BIG stories, ok yea; "Problems". So, I'm currently developing a Five Nights Fan Game called: The Revenge. it does branch of the Treasure Island game. The story for the game turned out to be huge and there were too many characters for me to voice them all. I managed to get some voices, but ALL MAJOR ROLLS ARE NOT FULFILLED. This is a huge problem, and because the game is free I can't get a budget.

So Now im looking for volunteers to voice act little lines here and there in the game, I'll put a list of characters, requirements and lines below. If you voice a character, that means I have the rights to use it! you would also be free to give me your link to anything you wish and I will promote it in the credits. (Youtube, Patreon, Skype, Game, Kickstarter, Crowdfunding, ETC.) so yea, obvious credit if you didn't notice! SO! list of characters:

  • Dohna - Protagonist - About 30 to 50 lines. - Female Voice.
  • Blue figure - Antagonist - About 189 words. - Female Voice.
  • Al - Character - About 10 lines that are already in the game. - Male Voice.
  • Callers: Night 3/4- 1 paragraph. - Anyone who wishes to!
  • Your Best Friend - Important character - Unknown, but a bunch of words. - Someone who can sound menacing and make a high Pitch voice.

That will be all (Clap, Clap)

So, I called your attention there!? If I did, send me a sample of your voice for the character and if you slightly fit the character, you most likely got the spot! (Desperate, I know.) (Send by PM?)

if anyone who needs voice actor is out there, Yes, I can make voices so do contact me. I am free to edit your audio.

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Well, that is why the question mark is there...

Try finding me on discord: Smashed Tomatoes.#4740

Or my Twittar.

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Hello Landwii, I am EFlex a sound designer currently working on a few titles with other developers. I am a starting out voice actor as well! I am interested in voicing possibly the AI or anything that I would be able to. I have been in audio for about 6 years now so I can also mix and master audio that needs it as well as possibly making sound effects for the game if you don't already have a member doing them!

I'm interested! sorry for the reply delay.

I am just looking for voice actor since I'm doing everything else! There are a few tracks that might need remastering tho so I will take that in mind.

Try finding me on discord: Smashed Tomatoes.#4740

Or my Twitter too!