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Best practices for a game with a future release data?

A topic by Stephen Borden created Mar 21, 2017 Views: 229
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I'm a bit confused about what the best practices are when releasing a game with a future release date, especially with respect to press access and showing up in the "Recently added" section.

Yesterday I released a game. About 10 days before that I set the release date and made the game public. Making the game public added the game to "Recently added" which was fine, although I don't think the game had another round of visibility on actual release when people could buy it. Also I opted into press access for my games, and that seems to have worked, although I'm not sure what I did that actually gave them that access. Was it making the game public, or did setting a release date make the game show up in a list of upcoming releases?

Ideally what I want is to give press access before release, and then have the game show up on "Recently added" on the release date. Having a public page advertising the eventual release of the game would be nice too.