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Here's the pico8 png:

Packing Up community · Created a new topic Itch app

It looks like it's a known issue that SteamVR games launched from the itch app can't find the headset because of sandboxing. To launch after installing with the itch app, right click and choose "Open folder in explorer." From there if you go into the "Packing Up" folder and double click Packing Up.exe it should be able to find your headset.

I'm a bit confused about what the best practices are when releasing a game with a future release date, especially with respect to press access and showing up in the "Recently added" section.

Yesterday I released a game. About 10 days before that I set the release date and made the game public. Making the game public added the game to "Recently added" which was fine, although I don't think the game had another round of visibility on actual release when people could buy it. Also I opted into press access for my games, and that seems to have worked, although I'm not sure what I did that actually gave them that access. Was it making the game public, or did setting a release date make the game show up in a list of upcoming releases?

Ideally what I want is to give press access before release, and then have the game show up on "Recently added" on the release date. Having a public page advertising the eventual release of the game would be nice too.

Hey Pinkerator, we used Unity.

Hey Notester, I'm glad to hear you liked it. Thanks for the feedback!