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CAVEATIC: An Adventure Game With A Surprising End!!! #surpriseend #adventure

A topic by Drastic Adarsh created 44 days ago Views: 244 Replies: 20
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I have started with a mystery dungeon game.

I have not decided the title yet but completed the hard part of the game,i.e.,story making.

The story will have a surprising end. I believe that most of you will like it.

So be sure check out my game when it will be released.


I have completed my game check it out here:-

It's totally free!!!!


By the way it's an adventure game

And I think I will add some new types of controls


sounds sweet, got any screenshots?

Sorry, but now I have just started the development of that game

I will try to post the screenshots as soon as possible

Thankyou for the kind comment!!!

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I have added the chat mechanism of the game

The story proscedes on those chats!!

I will soon post the screenshots so be tuned....

I have completed with the main stage

Now I will develop some more levels

Screenshots are coming soon!!!!

Hi!! I just proceeded on my project and see what I got!!

Comment me if you don't like anything!!

One More

Those two small dots are bullets (as you call in games...)

You will know about them better if you play the game

I also completed on some enemies like this one!!!!


So please comment me about my progress either if you like or dislike it.

Comment me about my faults in this game

I am too looking to change the appearence of the old man



And the surprising end is still a secret so be sure to check out my game when it is released.....


How is it going? Today I will create some more new levels and sound effects too

Game may be released on within 3-4 days

So be tuned!!!

I have successfully made se more new levels and now it's time to add sound effects animation and the surprise end....

I would be available on within this two days...

So be tuned!!

Hi, my game is almost completed only the sound effects and UI are left.

Level designing and all that hard stuff has already been completed

You may be wondering how it completed it so fast. The reason is that I have been working 6-7 hours a day for this game

I hope you will check it out after it's release


Wow!!  I really liked the screenshots

Please notify me when you release the game!!

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Hi!!!! I have completed my project!!

I have no words to say, I am feeling so happy!!

It's my first time I have successfully completed a game...


Check it out here:-

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Hey!!, I have uploaded an youtube video too for how the game looks when you download it
Here's the link:-

Hey I got a good news for you

CaveAtic has got a 100% sale you can pay whatever price you want!!!!

Hey!!!, CaveAtic is now totally FREE

Hey!! The story of the game is liked by many gamers

Just go and download it

It's totally free

Hey, I have uploaded an extra live wallpaper alongside this game to keep your android phone's screen satisfying so you get engaged in it and don't even try to get out of your house in Covid-29 situation.