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A tiny pixel based fantasy console! · By ZappedCow

macOS → The application “Pix64” can’t be opened.

A topic by cheeseslope created Feb 18, 2020 Views: 131 Replies: 2
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Having trouble running Pix64 on macOS (10.15.3):

  • double-clicking the application icon, the error is: “The application ‘Pix64’ can’t be opened.”
  • in Terminal, the error is: “failed with error -10810”.

I’m planning to teach a game design class with younger students, and I think Pix64 could be a nice starter fantasy console. It’s a brilliant tool  especially for kids. Just want to support its continued development!

Hey, thanks a lot for your interest in Pix64! It is actually a tool I initially created to let my kids have fun 'programming' games ;)

Unfortunately building for MacOS is a rather difficult, and obscure task.  It is not possible to start the application by double clicking the icon, it must be started from the terminal. Did you tried that?

Open terminal application, then (first line by be different):

cd ~/Downloads/Pix64_1_1/
open -a

(the -a option is needed otherwise it will not find the carts)
if it doesn't work, could you try to type 'mono' in the terminal? The application requires mono to be installed and I'm not sure if it is by default.
If the issue comes from mono I could re-bundle the application in a way that doesn't need it.

42 days later… 😀 Good news! I was able to open Pix64 on a different computer. And, looks like mono was the reason (it’s installed on the successful computer, and not on the other).

I won’t have an opportunity to use this at school again until this fall, but I'm excited to give this a try myself.

Thanks for your help! I appreciate your reply!