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I was looking for guidance in building my own touch screen extension for Aseprite. I've learned a lot about how extensions work by opening and editing this script, and I was able to build my own version. Really appreciate you sharing this, thank you.

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I’m sorry to say, I haven’t used it personally — it just happened to already be installed by my school’s IT staff on one of the Macbooks I used to test Pix64. However, it looks like a simple install → here’s more information about Mono.

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An Undo button could be useful for me. Even if it’s only one step. 

I often accidentally click in a Room and add a Sprite/Item/Tile in a place I hadn’t intended. That’s especially frustrating with sprites, because then I need to re-place it in its original location.

42 days later… 😀 Good news! I was able to open Pix64 on a different computer. And, looks like mono was the reason (it’s installed on the successful computer, and not on the other).

I won’t have an opportunity to use this at school again until this fall, but I'm excited to give this a try myself.

Thanks for your help! I appreciate your reply!

Having trouble running Pix64 on macOS (10.15.3):

  • double-clicking the application icon, the error is: “The application ‘Pix64’ can’t be opened.”
  • in Terminal, the error is: “failed with error -10810”.

I’m planning to teach a game design class with younger students, and I think Pix64 could be a nice starter fantasy console. It’s a brilliant tool  especially for kids. Just want to support its continued development!

Awesome! Thanks again!

It’s beautiful — and so kind of you to share. Thank you!

I love the pixel typeface. Is this a font that’s available for download somewhere?

Having trouble on macOS Catalina: “The developer of this app needs to update it to work with this version of macOS.”