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Global variable .G

A topic by slipihollow created Feb 16, 2020 Views: 138 Replies: 1
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Hi again,

with some tinkering i've been able to load your scripts into my project without making it buggy. 

New problem however, didn't know i should've posted it on the other topic but hey seemed a different type of issue. 

The new problem is your variable G. (like in the parser line 87 -> G.can_talk) 

I cant find where G is defined and how ? Is it a singleton that autoloads and i dont have the file or am i completely missing something ? 

For info : my player scene with all the animations, health, and stuff, is called player.tscn which is an extension of our singleton "" 

Hope you'll be able to help ! Thanks in advance


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I have this problem also, could someone answer?

nvm: "G" is an autoload as you can see in the demo, but this should be also documentet here so user don"t have to search for this